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Ballet Teachers Workshop

Please see below information emailed out each year regarding ballet teachers workshop .

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BTW 2023

Dear Parents 


Please see below information regarding the Ballet Teachers Workshop finals.

A reminder that students must wear their full ADV uniform over to and from the performance.  



Please ensure you wear full stage make up as outlined in the attached make up video  (as per the solo concert).  See Link for make up video:



You must arrive with all make up complete, headpiece pinned on and ADV uniform on 

Please ensure your ballet tights are very clean with no holes or ladders

Ballet shoes and ballet ribbons must be clean.  

Ensure ballet ribbons are very neatly tied, tucked in so not seen and sprayed so that they dont’ come undone

Tutu’s must be transported in a named tutu bag. 

Headpieces must be firmly attached with hair pins.  Please put your headpiece on at home so it is firmly attached. 


The venue information and also times for each performer is attached below along with ticketing information.   Please note the music upload requirements that parents will need to complete. 





Please find the following information regarding the 2023 Ballet Teachers' Workshop Finals in this email:

  • Venue

  • Schedule

  • Finalists List

  • Rules and Regulations

  • Music Uploads

Please ensure you forward this information to all your finalists.

Date: Sunday, 20th August, 2023

Venue: Darebin Arts Centre, Corner Bell St and St Georges Rd, Preston.
Doors open 10:00am.
Tickets will be available to purchase on the day at the box office. Please ask your finalists to arrive no earlier than one hour before their allotted performance time. Hair and make up should be done prior to arrival. One parent per student for Section A only will be allowed to accompany students backstage to assist them with dressing. All other sections, no parents or teachers will be permitted backstage.

Performance Schedule: To view the schedule CLICK HERE
To view the list and order of finalists CLICK HERE

Rules and Regulations
To view the Rules and Regulations CLICK HERE 
To view the PH/MP Variations list CLICK HERE 

Music Uploads
This year we say goodbye to the dreaded CDs and are using Music Uploads. We know many of you are already familiar with the platform from other events. For those who haven't used it before, it's contactless, all online, and will help take out the stress of music issues that arise from time to time. As a requirement for participation in this year's finals, you will be required to upload your music via this service by 5pm Monday August 14th. No other options will be given. 
Please see below the information for participants provided by Music Uploads.

You will be required to have a valid Music Uploads cloud storage account.  Plans are charged at a minimum of 3 to 12 months starting at less than $1/month, plus your music can be transferred to other participating competitions all over Australia without having to re-upload your music each time. Please visit to sign up.

For each competition that is entered, you will need to add a region to your cloud account. The fee for this per Family, Studio or School is $2.50, and there is no limit to siblings or students, it will just depend on your selected storage plan. 
If you have already uploaded your music to this service before, you can simply purchase the region add-on, and transfer your music over to us. If you are new to this, you need to set up the cloud storage account first and confirm it is active. Upload your Music into the Storage Folder in your account.  Transfer a copy of the songs to the Region, you can check them to make sure they are all correct.  Done! No need to stress about your music now, as you now can see the music is 100% ready to go. 
Just Remember, It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that they have the correct music files uploaded to each routine. You can change your music files at any time before the cut off dates, and this is all done within your Music Uploads account, you have full control over this from now.

If you would like some support there are videos located on the Music Uploads support page or you can send a ticket in, and one of the Music Uploads team members will respond to you. DO NOT Post on Social Media , Text or Message any questions to these pages, as the support team will not see them. You must send a ticket from the support page so they can offer you some assistance. 
All music queries should be directed to the Music Uploads team, not the BTW team. It is the responsibility of all participating schools to upload their own music by 5pm Monday 14th August.

If you have any further questions about the Finals, please check the registration website before emailing us with queries. While we aim to respond in as timely a manner as possible, we are a volunteer run organisation. If you have an email query, please be aware it may take up to 10 business days for our team to respond.

We look forward to seeing you and your students on Sunday 20th August at Darebin Arts Centre!

Dear Parents


Please find attached the final details for Ballet Teachers Workshop and for our in-house practises leading up to the event


ADV Practise Sessions for Ballet Teachers Workshop

ADV will be holding two practise sessions within our extension program classes for younger students entering the BTW scholarships.   This will be used to familiarise them with the requirements of the competition and familiarise them with performing in an open class setting.  Students in Section C and D will have a session on this during class time. 


Friday 12th May 4:15 - 5:00  Section B students: Addison Williamson, Chantel Sheng, Siyuan Qiu, Katie Oo, Harper Luong, Ellie Liang, Liz Jiang, Wynne He, Giselle Azzopardi   


Friday 12th May 5:00 - 5:45 Section AA and Section A students:  Samantha Chan, Alexa Cheok, Iris Du, Sophie Wong, Olivia Zhang, Lucas Sherren, Anneliese Schultz, Ava Santamaria, Sophia Liu, Audrina Kow, Sophie Jin, Kacey He, Lucy Becker 


Friday 19th May 4:15 - 5:00  Section B students: Addison Williamson, Chantel Sheng, Siyuan Qiu,  Katie Oo, Harper Luong, Ellie Liang, Liz Jiang, Wynne He, Giselle Azzopardi  


Friday 19th May 5:00 - 5:45 Section AA & Section A Students:   Samantha Chan, Alexa Cheok, Iris Du, Sophie Wong, Olivia Zhang, Lucas Sherren, Anneliese Schultz, Ava Santamaria, Sophia Liu, Audrina Kow, Sophie Jin, Kacey He, Lucy Becker 


Friday 19th May In Class Time Section C and Section D - during normal class time. 




Venue: This year the event is split across two venues to accommodate the large number of participants. Please make sure you check the venue listed on the schedule for your section.


May 21st: Sections B & D

Venue:   Australian Academy of Dance, 80 Waverley Road, Malvern East

SECTION B CLASS 1 Arrive 9:30am.   Class 10am.       Concludes 11:15am: Addison Williamson, Chantel Sheng, Siyuan Qiu

SECTION B CLASS 2: Arrive 10:50am  Class 11.20am.  Conclude 12:35: Katie Oo, Harper Luong, Ellie Liang, Liz Jiang, Wynne He

SECTION B CLASS 3: Arrive 12:10am  Class 12:40pm   Conclude 1.55pm: Giselle Azzopardi

SECTION D CLASS 1: Arrive 1:30pm.  Class 2:00pm.  Concludes 3:15pm: Melanie Zhu, Amelia Tobias, 

SECTION D CLASS 2: Arrive 2:50pm. Class 3.20pm. Concludes 4:35pm: Selina Luo, Chloe Chua, 


May 28th: Sections C 

Venue: Australian Academy of Dance, 80 Waverley Road, Malvern East

SECTION C CLASS 1:  Arrive 9:30am Class 10am.  Concludes 11:15am: Oscar Wang, Lauren Tang

SECTION C CLASS 2: Arrive 10:50am   Class 11.20. Concludes 12:35: Khloe Liu, Sianna Kong, Kira Kam, Mikayla Huseyin, 

SECTION C CLASS 3:  Arrive 12:10pm. Class 12.40pm.  Concludes 1.55pm: Milla Deacon, Mavis Deng, Neve Cope, Gillian Berg, Millicent Allen



May 28th: Sections AA & A

Venue: Glen Iris School of Dance, 5-6/18 Brixton Rise, Glen Iris 

SECTION AA. Arrive 9:30am Class 10am Concludes 11:15am : Samantha Chan, Alexa Cheok, Iris Du, Sophie Wong
SECTION A CLASS 1: Arrive 11.20am.  Class 11.50am   Concludes 1.05pm:  Olivia Zhang, Lucas Sherren, Anneliese Schultz, Ava Santamaria, 
SECTION A CLASS 2: Arrive 12.40pm.  Class 1.10pm Concludes 2.25 Sophia Liu, Audrina Kow, Sophie Jin, 
SECTION A CLASS 3. Arrive 2:00  Class 2.30  Concludes 3.45 Kacey He, Lucy Becker 


  • Dancers need to wear the following to the audition class

    • Theatrical Pink Ballet tights

    • Ballet shoes CLEANED and repainted no scuff marks.  No elastics hanging out.

    • Selected Leotard - please make sure Miss Tamara has given the ok for your leotard,  Send a picture of your dancer in their chosen leotard to 0425 353 600 at least 2 weeks prior to your audition. 

    • ADV Jacket over leotard

    • Black leggings over leotard

    • Hairstyle - must be GELLED back extremely neat into a ballet bun on crown of head.  Photo’s below of hairstyle examples.  Concert or exam hairstyles are recommended. Must be extremely neat. 

  • Ensure you give yourself time to find a car park

  • Dancers can not arrive earlier than the listed times below due to covid density requirements.  

  • Please take a photo of your dancer and text it to Miss Tamara Davidson on 0425 353 600 as we would love to celebrate their involvement on our social media

  • If your dancer makes it into a final please ensure you text Miss Tamara Davidson on 0425 353 600 so we can let the teaching staff know for planning and also celebrate their achievement.



 We always suggest that students purchase a classical leotard that will stand out amongst the crowd.  No white or pale blue leotards to be used please as they fade into the crowd and don’t stand out.  Below is some pictures of suggestions from the Energetiks and Bloch websites at and  Best to match the leotard to bring out the child’s natural colouring. 















Registration on the Day

Students are to register at the registration desk in the entrance foyer. Each class will have an allocated registration time. We ask that students arrive at their designated registration time and not before. If you attempt to register before your designated arrival time, you will be asked to return at your specified time. We ask that parents and teachers do not enter the warm up rooms to avoid congestion, with the exception of Section AA and A who may have one parent per student accompany them in the warm up room. We ask that if you are not staying to watch, you please drop and go to avoid unnecessary large crowds.

Selection process

Finalists and Semi Finalists are selected at the discretion of the adjudicators. No discussion will be entered into with parents or teachers.


Parents and friends are welcome to view the auditions this year. Tickets per class are $10 adults and $5 students, children or concession (pensioners etc.) and can be purchased from the ticket sales desk at reception. As with last year, the Sections held at Australian Academy of Dance will have card payments available, though we will also be accepting cash payments. All payments at Glen Iris School of Dance will be cash only.

Students participating in a section are not allowed to view an audition class in their section unless they have already completed their audition.

Teachers' Tickets

Registered teachers receive one complimentary ticket (valid for one class only). You can collect this from the ticket sales desk at reception. You can purchase tickets for $5 per class thereafter. 


No skirts or warm up clothes are to be worn in class. Appropriate ballet attire is to be worn by all participants. Please ensure hair is neat and secured out of students' faces. There is no pointe work for any audition classes. Please arrive ready to participate. We ask that students only bring items needed to participate into the venue (shoes, water bottle, warm clothes for travelling to and from the venue). If a student would like to wear a mask while dancing, this is allowed and will not influence adjudication.

First Aid

A first aid box will be available at the registration desk. Students with existing medical conditions or injuries participate at their own risk and must have a parent or guardian present at all times. Please inform our volunteers at check in if this applies to you or get in touch prior to the event if you have any concerns.


No photographs or videos may be taken during the audition classes. If you are caught taking photographs or video, you will be asked to leave immediately. 


BTW t-shirts ($25) will be available to purchase on the day.

Covid-19 and other illness

As is common practice now, if you are unwell or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home. While we are thrilled to be back to in person events we still place the health and safety of all participants at the forefront of our minds and ask that you all consider others when deciding on whether or not to attend if exhibiting symptoms of any kind. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you and your students at the end of month!

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