We again would like to thank you all for the support in 2020 through such a difficult year and ADV is still running because of all the wonderful families who stuck with us through that year.   We offer our heartfelt thanks and look forward to a wonderful year ahead together!   As promised we also have a USB of the concert for every family that was involved in last years concert which was included in your concert package fee.   These USB’s were handed out at the concert viewing yesterday, if you still need to collect one it can be picked up from our lovely staff at the reception desk from Tuesday 2nd March onwards.   In addition to this we have also included links below to the online version of the concert video below so that you can share far and wide with family and friends.   


As was said at our viewing yesterday, this concert was put together via sheer determination of our students and staff and we weren’t even sure until the week before hand if the theatre was going to let us use the premises.   The ballet school usually has a full term and a half to prepare the ballet dances, but this time due to exams being pushed to the end of the year in December, the students only had two weeks (4 lessons) in the studio to finish learning and rehearse the ballet dances after exams were done!  To manage choreography, patterns and dancing as a group in just two weeks together in a studio was a huge task and we are so proud of all our ballet students.   For Netflix our dancers again had a little longer at the studio to rehearse but still only 5 lessons in comparison to their normal 20 lessons (2 terms) so we think they are phenomenal!   So our final product may not be the sleek presentation of the past but to us it was unimportant, the joy on the students faces being able to perform, and watching them do what they love was full reward for all our staff! 




Cinderella: https://vimeo.com/517454158/f3d440bbb6


Netflix: https://vimeo.com/517458184/58bebb9948