Dear parents of our preschool students


Term 4 brings us new hope of our return to the studio as we work towards our onsite classes returning on 6th November.   

Prior to this our zoom classes will run from the start of term (4th October) to 5th November.   



The schedule for preschool classes is different online and onsite.   

  • In the attached timetable the online zoom classes are in red and still include the story time.   The onsite classes are highlighted in purple.    

  • While we are online from 4th October to 5th November preschool students are welcome to access ALL DAYS of the online classes.   

  • Once we return to onsite classes preschool students will need to attend one set day and time as per your enrolment. 




Based on the Victorian Government roadmap this is what Term 4 will look like for students at Academy of Dance Victoria.   Attached to this email is also our Calendar of events..


STEP 1:   4th OCTOBER to 5th NOVEMBER:  All classes online via Zoom as per our NEW TERM 4 TiMETABLE.  


STEP 2:   6th NOVEMBER to 10th DECEMBER: ONSITE CLASSES RETURN (YAY) with Covid Safe Operating Plans in place.  Covid safe details will be emailed to all families by 1st November.  Term 4 Timetable continues to run as per New timetable used for zoom classes


STEP 3: 11th DECEMBER to 12th DECEMBER:  Christmas Concerts for all levels Pre-school levels to Senior levels


END OF TERM: 13th DECEMBER -  Classes have concluded for 2021.  Re-enrolment for 2022 open. 




Given that we will have some time on Zoom in Term 4 we have decided to create a revised timetable for Term 4.  The new timetable is attached to this email.   It is important that all parents check the timetable to see what changes apply to your dancers class times.  There are not many revisions to the pre-school classes however some of the ballet classes that had only 2 or 3 students have been discontinued for the onsite classes.    This revised timetable will stay in place for all online and onsite classes in Term 4. 




Term 4 fees will be sent out this week.  

Credits have been added to Term 4 fees for any cancelled classes in Term 3.

Fee payments need to be completed prior to the start of term in order to receive the new log in code for the Academy of Dance Victoria website to access the viewing rooms/online classes.   

New log in codes will be sent once term fees are received. 




We ARE having an end of year concert performance.  However significant changes have been made to factor in all Covid Safe restrictions and audience numbers  


We have decided to do a fun and joyful READY SET DANCE &  CHRISTMAS THEMED concert on stage with only 40 or 50 students per performance.  


  • Each concert will only run for only 1 hour

  • All Pre-school classes have been divided into 2 Casts.   This means you only attend one concert and the children only dance in one concert.   

  • Attached to this email is a list of the concert casts.  The Preschool students are in either Concert 4 or Concert 5 (check the list for which one)


  • Concert Dates - 12th December for Pre school Concert


  • Specific Concert Times will be given out in Term 4 but pre-school concerts will be in the morning before 1pm


  • New Concert Location: Templestowe College Theatre.  


  • Concert Casts.    We have divided our school into SIX concert casts to bring each cast size down to only 40 or 50 students per performance.    Pre-school students will only be involved in ONE concert.  Please carefully check the attached cast list to see which concert your performer is in


  • Tickets: Each student will be able to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets (per student as opposed to per family).    The event is limited to 140 in the audience (plus ushers and front of house staff).   It is also expected (but not yet confirmed) that audience members over the age of 16 will need to be fully vaccinated, we are waiting to hear the government policy on this.  


  • Costumes: Each student will have 1 costume (or two if they do both ballet & ready set dance).    


  • Covid Safe production: All covid safe rules will be followed and in place for this performance.  More details will be sent out with these requirements which is expected to include Audience masks as well as seating distance and more. 

Concert Casts.jpg
Term 4 Calendar - revised.jpg
Term 4  Road Map.jpg