Dear parents of our ballet students. 

Welcome to 2020 ballet classes, we love seeing the passion the students are bringing to class and our ballet classes are packed with excited dancers. This is just a short reminder of some of the details regarding our ballet classes for this year and includes important dates and details for all ballet students and their parents.



UNIFORM: Please check you have the correct leotard as set out in our uniform requirements, particularly in the Pre-Primary and Primary levels where some of the pink leotards we are seeing are not the correct RAD ballet uniform.


HAIR: Students must all have a neat ballet bun for class.  Buns are necessary to help teachers view and teach the correct alignment of the head and neck within the ballet exam work and is an important part of ballet discipline.  We understand that some students are bought to the studio for ballet by other parents or grandparents who are unable to do their buns - in those cases we do suggest that parents do their dancers ballet bun before school (some water and hairspray, hairpins and hair nets it stays in well all day ready for ballet after school). 



* Grade 4 ballet  (grade 5 at school) need their set ballet uniform AND character shoes and a character skirt. We ask that all students to have their character shoes and skirt from the start of term 1 as we will commence character work THIS week (week 4)



Preparing for exams challenges even our youngest ballet students to improve in class each week in preparation for presenting their work to the examiner.  The students increase in confidence and their skill level also increases at a much quicker rate.  Once the exam is completed the students have a great sense of achievement and receive their certificate and medal and valuable feedback on how they are progressing in their training.


Royal Academy of Dance (RAD): Our school teaches the internationally recognised RAD program. The program was established in England and is taught all over the world. RAD ballet students could walk into their level class in another country and do the exact same work. This means that the exams are also standardised worldwide including the marking system. Learning the actual exam work is only the first very small step for the exam. The students are actually marked based on how they do each exercise in relation to CCLSD (co-ordination, control, line, spatial awareness, dynamics) and the importance is placed on achieving a specific level against this criteria rather than only knowledge of the work.


6th to 10th JULY: All ballet exam students are required to attend preparation classes during the 2nd week of the July school holidays. 

·      Pre Primary Ballet students (prep at school) from Monday, Tuedsay and Sautrday attend 2 days in the holidays. 

·      All other levels, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, and 7 classes are required to attend up to 4 or 5 days in the holidays. Holiday classes will take place on 6th July, 7th July, 8th July, 9th July, 10th July.  Students are not able to enter the exam if they cannot attend the holiday classes.

RAD APP & DVD’s: There is a LOT of work involved in the RAD exams for your ballet student. We do encourage as many parents as possible to download the Royal Academy of Dance App on their phone, iPad or lap top. The actual app is free but then you can purchase the DVD for your dancers actual level on the app which contains the entire syllabus for their level. The dvd’s vary in price depending on the level that you need to purchase. This means that your ballet student can then practise at home and helps them to learn all the work as it is all demonstrated on the DVD including the music and all exercises and dances.  You can purchase Pre Primary through to Grade 5 on the app.  Grade 6 and 7 RAD dvd’s can be purchased online at the Bloch website.


RAD Exams will take place in 3rd term, and usually in early August. ADV will not know the exam date until much later in the year. All the RAD ballet schools in Australia have to submit their entries to the RAD head office who then allocate all the exam dates to schools and allocate interstate and international examiners to each school. There are thousands of RAD schools to allocate. The exams do take place during school time and the absence from school are written in as an eductional activity. ADV only receive notice of the exam date about 1 month before the exam takes place. The exam entries are due in late April so you will receive a specific exam entry notice in early April 2020

Exam prices are set by the RAD and ADV who also need to cover the cost of the pianist and music person for exams and the teachers work hours on exam days.

Grade 4 Exam Entry Cost $123


The ballet teaching staff of ADV decide whether or not students are ready to enter an exam. For those that are entered into an exam there are two types of exams offered under the RAD system. The teachers also decide which type of exam a student is entered for

  • Class Award: This exam is undertaken in groups of 4 or less. The teacher is present in the room and guides the students through the exam to give the students an extra sense of security. Exercises are generally performed 2 or 4 at a time and are not done 1 by 1. The feedback takes the form of written feedback in 3 sections sheet, certificate and level badge.

  • Graded exam: This exam is the full exam for each level. Students enter in groups of 4 or less. No teacher is present in the room and the students perform for the examiner alone. Many exercises are performed one or two at a time. The feedback takes the form of a marking section with a total mark given out of 100 and students receive a grading sheet, a certificate and level badge. 


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