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Dear parents


Thank you to all who filled out our Term 4 planning survey.  With the feedback from parents and the announcement of the Victorian Governments road map we have now been able to plan our Term 4 and there has been some significant changes we put in place.  


I know this email is long and there is lot’s of information below but just this time….. PLEASE READ IT ALL…...it all to ensure you don’t miss something.  



Based on the Victorian Government roadmap this is what Term 4 will look like for students at Academy of Dance Victoria.   Attached to this email is also our Calendar of events..

STEP 1:   4th OCTOBER to 5th NOVEMBER:  All classes online via Zoom as per our NEW TERM 4 TiMETABLE.  

STEP 2:   6th NOVEMBER to 10th DECEMBER: ONSITE CLASSES RETURN (YAY) with Covid Safe Operating Plans in place.  Covid safe details will be emailed to all families by 1st November.  Term 4 Timetable continues to run as per New timetable used for zoom classes

STEP 3: 11th DECEMBER to 12th DECEMBER:  Christmas Concerts for all levels Pre-school levels to Senior levels

END OF TERM: 13th DECEMBER - Costume return for Solo and Troupe students.   Classes have concluded for 2021.  Re-enrolment for 2022 open. 

…………………..Please see attached Term 4 Calendar for important dates and details……………………………….




We were very grateful for the feedback in our survey.   We found that

  • 85% of families were happy to continue on zoom with the hope that it would not be for the whole term. 

  • Many families of students who do a lot of classes were keen to have shorter zoom sessions so they didn’t have 3 to 5 hours of classes on Zoom in a row. 


Given that we will have some time on Zoom in Term 4 we have decided to create a revised timetable for Term 4.  The new timetable is attached to this email.   It is important that all parents check the timetable to see what changes apply to your dancers class times.  This revised timetable will stay in place for all online and onsite classes in Term 4. 

Changes include

  • We have tried to ensure that zoom sessions do not exceed 2 hours. 

  • Some classes have been shortened to 45 minutes

  • Other classes have been shortened to 1 hour (instead of 2 hours or 1.5 hours)

  • Thursday Teen Jazz will not run in Term 4 but students can join the Wednesday night 6:30 - 7:30 Senior Jazz class instead.

  • Classical academy extension classes have been shortened and revised.

  • Thursday Primary ballet will join together as one group instead of two groups for Term 4

  • Monday Intermediate and Sub Senior Tap have joined together for Term 4 concert work. 

  • Monday Senior Musical Theatre will not run in Term 4, but will recommend in 2022

  • Monday Intermediate Musical will move to Tuesdays 6pm -7pm for Term 4 - this is the only class that does change days to present a big Christmas musical from Elf the musical & the Polar Express. 

  • Tuesday Circus class will not run in Term 4 but Circus classes will return in 2022

  • Tuesday Star Performers class will not run but the Musical theatre class will still run.  Star performers will recommence in 2022. 

  • Acrobatic classes will not run in Term 4 but will return in 2022

  • Accelerate classes will run but have changed times and been shortened.  Troupes may still compete in November. 




The schedule for preschool classes is different online and onsite.   In the attached timetable the online zoom classes are in red and still include the story time.   The onsite classes are highlighted in purple.    While we are online from 4th October to 5th November preschool students are welcome to access ALL DAYS of the online classes.   Once we return to onsite classes preschool students will need to attend one set day and time as per your enrolment. 




Term 4 fees will be sent out this week.  The fee invoices will reflect all changes to the timetable with reduced costs when classes have been shortened/adjusted.   Credits have been added to Term 4 fees for any cancelled classes in Term 3 and cancelled Troupe events such as competitions and Masters of Choreography.

Fee payments need to be completed prior to the start of term in order to receive the new log in code for the Academy of Dance Victoria website to access the viewing rooms/online classes.   

New log in codes will be sent once term fees are received. 




Our feedback survey showed that 

  • 90% of our families still wanted some kind of end of year performance (indoor or outdoor) for students to work towards

  • There was concern over the lateness of the planned 17 - 19 December performances in what could be a busy time of year

  • People were open to a more laid back approach this year given current conditions

Current Victorian restrictions in the roadmap meant that

  • An indoor concert performance is limited to 150 indoors which means we can’t have a cast of more than 50 students per performance.   

  • Events are expected to be accessible to Vaccinated adults aged 18 and over (we are still waiting on more information for this)



We ARE having an end of year concert performance.  However significant changes have been made to factor in the above considerations.   


We have decided to do a fun and joyful CHRISTMAS THEMED concert on stage with only 40 or 50 students per performance.  

This means we will not be doing our big Hansel & Gretel or Where’s Wally concert as we are unable to fit the entire cast into the backstage theatre areas due to restrictions.    

However, the teachers are really excited to start on our Christmas theme dances and we aim to have our new concert event as a time to celebrate our love of dance, performing on stage and being together, wearing costumes and celebrating our end of year together.   Each concert will only run for only 1 hour and will include a time post concert to catch up and take photo’s together in our big Christmas themed foyer.    Attendance for the full term is required for concert participation for school age classes - including both Zoom and onsite lessons. 


  • New Concert Dates - 11th and 12th December


  • Specific Concert Times will be given out in Term 4


  • New Concert Location: Templestowe College Theatre.  


  • Concert Casts.    We have divided our school into SIX concert casts to bring each cast size down to only 40 or 50 students per performance.    Most students will only be involved in ONE concert.  However Accelerate students and some musical theatre, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Senior students are involved in multiple concerts as their class groups are split across several age groups.   Please carefully check the attached cast list to see which concert your performer is in


  • Tickets: Each student will be able to purchase a maximum of 3 tickets (per student as opposed to per family).    The event is limited to 140 in the audience (plus ushers and front of house staff).   It is also expected (but not yet confirmed) that audience members over the age of 16 will need to be fully vaccinated, we are waiting to hear the government policy on this.  


  • Costumes: Each student will have 1 or 2 costumes.    Students who were involved in the planned cabaret and payed costume hire for it will have their costume hire applied to the Christmas concert costumes and will not need to pay any additional costs.   Students who were not involved in cabaret will be charged a normal costume hire fee for their Christmas Concert costumes. 


  • Covid Safe production: All covid safe rules will be followed and in place for this performance.  More details will be sent out with these requirements which is expected to include Audience masks as well as seating distance and more. 


Bookings at: https://www.trybooking.com/BUGFW

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