All updates for dancers and parents will be kept on this page, including copies of all emails sent out to parents.

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As you know our 3rd competition Southern Dance Festival is coming up in few weeks.  All troupes are on Sunday 11thSeptember EXCEPT the 10 and under Contemporary which is on Sunday the 18th September. They are also at a different theatre for this day.

All awards will be given out after each section. 

The age groups run a little differently so please note that our 12 and unders are in the 13 and under section and the 14 and unders are in the 17 and under section. ( Troupe age groups jump from 13 to 17!)

Hair and makeup is the same as our previous comp and as normal all competitors must arrive with hair and makeup done and in their first costume.

Please note: 10 and under troupe members that need help with braids please organise someone to meet you earlier to do it for you.

The following performance times are guesstimates as no exact times have been given so please come with a flexible mindset!

 I have attached the final program.



Venue: The Drum Theatre, Cnr Lonsdale & Walker street Dandenong

8 and Under Troupe. Arrival: 9.30am

10.00am                      13 and under Contemporary Troupe

10.45am                      8 and under Lyrical Troupe

11:15pm                        Watch 13 and under Jazz


2.00pm                        Watch 10 and under Jazz

2.45pm                        8 and under Jazz

Finish aprox 3.30-4pm


10 and Under Troupe.   Arrival: 1pm

2.00pm            10 and under Jazz

Finish aprox 3pm


13 and Under Troupe  Arrival: 9.00am

10.00am                      13 and under Contemporary Troupe

10.45am                      8 and under Lyrical Troupe

11:15pm                      Watch 13 and under Jazz

Finish: approx. 12.30pm


17 and Under Troupe. Arrival: 2pm

2.00pm                        Watch 10 and under Jazz

2.45pm                        Watch 8 and under Jazz

3.45pm                        17 years and under Lyrical

4.45- 7.00pm               Dinner Break

7.00pm                        Arrive back at theatre

8.00pm                        17 and under Jazz

Finish: Approx 8.00-8.30pm



Venue: Carwatha College, 43-81 Browns rd Noble Park

10 years and under. Arrive: 9.00am

10am                           10 and under Contemporary

Finish approx.: 10.45am

Dear Parents


Please find below a final schedule for this Saturdays competition routine.   As it has been awhile since we have attended competitions just a quick reminder of some of the ethics for students and parents at our competitions. 



  • ADV competition team dancers must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times when not backstage or performing on stage.  

  • ADV staff can not be responsible for the care of your dancers outside of their required warm up and performance times as they are often caring for another group or watching teams perform. 

  • Students can not be dropped off at a competition and picked up at the end, one parent or guardian must be with them. 

  • Team Competition days will include a team meal either during or after where possible.  This is always to be chaperoned by the parents but allows the opportunity for the team to be together in breaks or in celebration afterwards. 



  • Please cheer for ALL groups whether they are ADV or other studios

  • Keep any negative comments for the car only and don’t criticise other students (or your own!)

  • Remember you never know who you are sitting near to. 

  • ADV does not do competitions to win! We do competitions because it gives our students the opportunity to perform on stage more than twice a concerts, teaches them to work as a team, provides feedback for how they are progressing and enhances their skills, AND above all ITS FUN! So we approach every competition with this in mind. 







8am:  8 and Under Team Arrives

8:57am           8 and under Lyrical Routine on stage

9:15 to 10:00     Parents Supervising - suggest watching items

10:00 am     8 and under students backstage for warm up

11:06am.         8 and under Jazz Routine on stage

11:30 - 12:30  Mc Donalds Team Get Together - Parent Chaperoned - 8 and under team and 10 and under team together. 

            230 - 240 Cranbourne Frankston road (near Gateway shopping centre and next to BP)

12:30  Leave from McDonalds




10am         10 and under team arrive backstage for warm up

10:53         10 and under Contemporary routine on stage

11:00        Parents collect students from and take them to support and watch 8 and under

11:06         Support and Watch 8 and under Jazz Team

11:30 - 12:30 10 and under team and 8 and under team lunch at McDonalds

             230 - 240 Cranbourne Frankston road (near Gateway shopping centre and next to BP)

1:00pm         10 and under team back to support and watch the 12 under Contemporary Routine. Parent supervised. 

2:00pm        10 and under team backstage for Jazz Warm up

2:56pm        10 under  Jazz routine on stage

3:15pm        Estimaed Finish time



12 and under Team 

12:30pm  12 and under team arrive backstage for warm up

1.25pm  12 and under Contemporary routine on stage

1:40pm Parents to collect 12 and under students to supervise and take them into the theatre

2.20pm  Support and Watch15 and under lyrical group

2:56pm          Support and Watch 10 and under Jazz team

3:15 - 5:00     Team group break and dinner at McDonalds - Parent supervised

            230 - 240 Cranbourne Frankston road (near Gateway shopping centre and next to BP)

5:00pm  12 and under Jazz Warm up backstage

5.58pm  12 und under Jazz

6:15pm Estimated Finish time for 12 and under Jazz group


15 and Under Team

1:15pm         Arrive backstage for warm up

2.20pm  15 and under Lyrical routine on stage        

2.56pm Support and watch 10 and under Jazz Team perform - parent must collect dancer from backstage and supervise in audience

3:15 - 5:30pm McDonalds Team break - Parent Chaperoned. 230 - 240 Cranbourne Frankston road (near Gateway shopping centre and next to BP)

5:58pm         Watch & Support 12 Under Jazz Team

7:00pm        Arrive for Jazz Warm up backstage

8:08pm         Under 15 Jazz and Lyrical Group routine onstage

8:45pm Estimated finish time for 15 and under Team



All competition students must wear the following to and from every competitions

  • ADV Jacket

  • ADV T-shirt

  • Black leggings or ADV leggings.

  • Black runners or black dance runners or Dance booties (in Aqua, silver, gold or black) are also acceptable

  • Hair must be done as per below requirements

  • Make up must be done as per below requirements

  • Costumes MUST be brought in a proper costume bag – named. Please ensure you have all hair accessories for every item, we do not carry spares with us.

FOOTWEAR AND TIGHTS: All troupe members need to bring the following to every competition:

  • Tan Jazz shoes

  • Flesh coloured lyrical turning shoes

  • Tan footed tights (Jazz)

  • Tan Footless tights (Lyrical/Contemporary) – note these must NOT be convertibles and must be a pure footed tan tight.

  • Strong Bobby pins for headpieces

    8 and Under Troupe Makeup and Hair Requirements for Competitions


    Deep pink lipstick No false lashes

    Please watch this video for instructions how to do your childs make up. youtube link HAIR
    2 high buns with middle part. Please use gel and hairspray.
    Please see below tutorial for instructions

    10 and Under makeup Troupe Make up and Hair Requirements


    Deep pink lipstick No false lashes

    Please watch this video for instructions how to do your childs make up.
    youtube link
    2 dutch braids centre part. I have attached a tutorial. Please use gel and hairspray
    If you haven’t dutch braided before please practice so you are not stressed on the day.

    12 and under Troupe Makeup and Hair Requirements


    Deep pink lipstick

    Please watch this video for instructions how to do your childs make up.
    High bun – gelled and hairspray

    14 and under Troupe Makeup and Hair Requirements


    Please watch this video for instructions how to do your childs make up.
    Red lipstick
    False lashes.

    Also we would like the girls to have medium size silver diamond studd (fake diamond) earrings.


    Low bun with 2 side twists on the left side of the head. See tutorial. 


Please find attached your invoice for this year's competition entry fees and your child's costume hire for the 2022 competition season.  The fee for the costume hire is between $40 and $50 per costume.  Below is the fee charged for each of competitions that your child has been entered in to.  


There has been a slight change in the competitions we have entered. The first one (Southern Federation of Dance) was scheduled at the end of June but this was potentially going to clash with our Cabaret performance so we will not be doing that one. Also, Energy Competition was going to clash with the finals of Ballet Teachers Workshop as we have a couple of students in the finals.


Confirmation of the exact day and time of each competition will be given to us closer to the date. Here is a list of the 4 comps we have entered:



1. EVOLUTION                           Langwarrin 5-7 August      $45 (incl. $30 competitor pass)

2. JUMP                                    Watsonia 19-21 August     $47 (Incl $35 competitor pass)

3. SOUTHERN DANCE FESTIVAL Noble Park 11th Sept - 3rd Oct $ 29 (Incl $20 competitor pass)

4. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS         Gladstone Park 15-16 0r 22-23 October $48 (Incl. $40 competitor pass)


Competitor passes are automatically purchased for each performer when we enter each troupe routine. If your child is also competing as a solo student at the same event, they will only need to pay for 1 competitor pass. If you have already paid for this, please contact the event organiser for a refund. Please note if you have informed us that your child has been entered into Evolution, we have deducted your pass from your invoice.


Costumes have already been tried on in class with much excitement! Once hire invoices are sent out and  been paid for they can be collected from reception. Reminder that these costumes are hired to you and are to be returned at the end of the year.



All troupe music has been loaded onto dropbox so your child can practise their routines at home.



Specific hairstyles for each troupe will be sent in a separate email closer to our comps.


We are looking forward to showcases these new routines at our Cabaret on 26th June at the Drum Theatre. Tickets are on sale now! 

Book today to avoid missing out


You can log into your customer account portal via this link


Your invoice can be paid by internet transfer, direct bank deposit or by card.  Please note there is a 1.9% surcharge for all face to face card transactions and a 2.2% surcharge for over the phone card payments.  Phone payments can be taken by calling 9898 9899


Your invoice can be viewed and downloaded from here.


Kylie Fenelon

Studio Manager

Academy of Dance Victoria


Dear Accelerate Students & Parents,

 We are so excited to be working with you all this year! 


To kick off this year we have organised a team opening event which will include reminders of team expectations, some team bonding afternoon and a chance to have fun with our team mates. At this event we will also be allocating buddies to all dancers.  This is a great way for the younger and older kids to get to know each other and encourages extra support while at competition events.  We will be providing a sausage sizzle, drinks and snacks.  Please let us know if your child has any dietary requirements. 

As a complete bonus……….McAlpin Reserve is hosting a FREE  outdoor family cinema night on the same day from 6.30pm for a 8.15pm start on the same evening.  They will be screening the movie Jumanji.  So feel free to stay at the park after our event and make a family night of it. It is even a great way to catch up with other dance families.

The details are as follows:   


WHERE: Mc Alpin Reserve 73-75 Wonga Road Ringwood North

TIME: 4.30-6.30pm

COST: $10 CASH on the day please hand to Miss Kylie or Miss Tamara

CHAPERONES: As this event is being held in a public space we ask that one parent per child stays with the junior troupe and intermediate troupe students. Parents should bring a chair and enjoy a chance to chat and get to know each other.   We will also supply drinks and nibbles for parents (but probably not enough sausages).   Senior Troupe parents are welcome to attend or to send their students along to be supervised by ADV but after the finish time 6:30pm ADV staff will not be responsible for any students although staff may stay for the movie.



This year each troupe will have 2 routines.

8 and under -      Jazz and Lyrical

10 and under-     Jazz and Contemporary

12 and under-     Jazz and Contemporary

14 and under-     Jazz and Lyrical

We are planning on doing 4 competitions throughout the year per troupe. 

Not all dates have been confirmed by the organisers but these are the dates we have so far.  We will get more specific days and times closer to the event


JUNE: MID YEAR CABARET PERFORMANCE: All Accelerate Troupe students are required to perform in our mid year Cabaret Showcase we are waiting and date confirmation from the theatre either Saturday 25 June or Sunday 26th June.

JUNE SOUTHERN FEDERATION DANCE (SFD) Doncaster Secondary CollegeSunday 26th to Monday 27th June

AUGUST: EVOLUTION DANCE COMPETITION  Langwarrin Performing Arts Centre 3rd to 7th August

AUGUST ENERGY DANCE COMPETITION  Doncaster Secondary College28th August

SEPTEMBER: SOUTHERN DANCE FESTIVAL  Carwatha College Noble park.  September school holidays (Date to be confirmed)



Home practise is an absolute non negotiable requirement for all Accelerate Students.   

This year we are trying to make the practise videos of routines more accessible to the students. All the routines will be posted on the accelerate page of our website within the information portal.   Students need to log into the portal (via and click on the accelerate button to access. Copies of emails and updates for parents will also be kept in the same places so that everyone can easily access all relevant Accelerate and group information.


All competitions have entry fees for troupe students.   Some competitions include the entry fee plus an audience fee so that audience can watch for free.  Other competitions include the entry fee only and audience members pay to watch on the day.    ADV will send one invoice to troupe parents in Term 2 which will cover all competition entry fees for the year, as long as prices for all are available at that time (otherwise a 2nd invoice will be sent in Term 3)


A reminder that all accelerate students will need the ADV uniform for competitions.   This includes

  • ADV Jacket

  • ADV T-Shirt

  • ADV Leggings or Black leggins

ORDERING JACKETS:  ADV Jackets can be ordered directly from our supplier EVO Sports Wear.   Please note that the jackets take 6 weeks to be delivered after orders close.   

 A link for ordering will be sent out next week and will also be included on the accelerate page in our information portal. Orders will commence from 1st March. 



In 2022 we are planning to have a hire arrangement for troupe costumes.  Previously parents have purchased the troupe costumes.    This means that each troupe dancer will be charged a hire fee for their troupe costume and bond payment.  The bond payment will be returned at the end of the year when the troupe costume is returned in full and in good condition.   Troupe families will be responsible for caring for the costume and accessories for the year until all competitions and performances have finished.  Costume returns will happen in December.     Costume hire invoices will be sent out in Term 1 or 2. 


Did you know your dancer is working on set skills for their accelerate program.   Each dancer has a card with the skills listed on it.   When they achieve a skill they get a sticker put on that card. Once a card is completed the dancer moves up to to the next card.    This is a great way for their teachers to track their progression and for students to receive a reward when they achieve goals and see their own development.