1. GENERAL STREAM - RAD Ballet Classes

Academy of Dance Victoria offers a high standard of ballet lessons in the internationally renown Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus for school aged children & teens.  Those classes can be seen in our timetable and are related to the dancers grade at school.   These classes area open to all students from school age through to adults. 

Prep at school: Pre Primary RAD Ballet (1 class a week)

Grade 1 at school: Primary RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

Grade 2 at school: Grade 1 RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

Grade 3 at school: Grade 2 RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

Grade 4 at school: Grade 3 RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

Grade 5 at school:  Grade 4 RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

Grade 6 at school: Grade 5 RAD Ballet (2 classes a week)

High School Age: Pathways of RAD Grades 6,7,8, or Majors from Intermediate Foundation and above


2. CLASSICAL ACADEMY - Extension program

In addition to our standard classes we operate our Classical Academy Classes which are separate to (and on top of ) students RAD Ballet classes.   The Classical Academy is a selective program which is also audition based and has 3 separate programs.  For more detailed information please visit our Classical Academy website by clicking the button below.   

1Extension Program - After school extension program for talented ballet students ages 6 to 15 includes classes in RAD, Vaganova, Pilates & Progressing Ballet Technique.  

2. Progression Program - A half day  ballet program for students aged 11 and over 

3. Pathway Program - A Part time to full time classical ballet program for a career in dance. 

For more specific information please see our separate website above for full details about our Classical Academy. 

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Academy of Dance Victoria offers both a general classical ballet stream and a Classical Academy Extension stream. 

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