Within the lesson, student’s work on vocal techniques, breathing exercises, support and gaining an understanding of the physical aspects of voice production. Students also learn microphone skills, performance skills and different ways to interpret songs. Students can choose to study from a variety of singing styles; Pop, Musical Theatre or Classical. It is suggested that parents and students discuss with the teacher which style they wish to study at the commencement of classes.  Teachers then choose the most appropriate songs to focus on taking into account age appropriateness, vocal ability and the area of your vocal technique they may be focusing on improving.


Not only do we offer friendly singing training by fabulous professional teachers we also offer additional in class opportunities that many singing programs don't offer, such as recording songs, creating film clips, featured singers participation in mid year musical theatre production in term 2, external singing opportunities, easy to use paren & student communication tools for class progress and home practise, as well as access to individual learning tools music and lyrics, free end of term performances in Term 1 and Term 3 and much more. 


Students gain performance experience through access to our own in house free studio performances in term 1 and 3 as well as the chance to participate in musical theatre stage show in Term 2 and end of year performances in Term 4.   Private singing students do not have to dance and can be enrolled in singing only.  Learning to sing is similar to learning an instrument and is a great life long skill to have along with a wonderful confidence builder!  


The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) started a Music Theatre Syllabus in 2015, and is designed to support a well-rounded musical theatre education from beginner to pre-professional levels. Miss Eloise has had great success with  students receiving superb results. Exams are at various times throughout the school year, but given the technical requirements, aural training and repertoire work, students are entered for exams when their teacher feels they are ready.


Singing classes are available after school hours Mondays, Wednesday  and Thursdays and  at our studio.  Lessons are 30 minutes and cost $40. 

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