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Academy of Dance Victoria - Important Ballet School Information 2024


Dear parents of our ballet students

Welcome to 2024 ballet classes at Academy of Dance Victoria. Term 1 is an important time for our ballet students as we attempt to teach the entire exam syllabus work in Term 1 to then allow consolidation of the requirements for the exam marking system in Term 2.  I know there is a lot in this notice but please do read the below information and note all date year and  requirements



Please check you have the correct leotard as set out in our uniform requirements, particularly in the Pre-Primary and Primary levels where some of the pink leotards and skirts we are seeing in class are wrong.   The set uniform is compulsory and is listed in your 2024 information booklet-

Uniform list found at this link:



Students MUST all have a neat ballet bun for class from prep ballet students to our highest levels. Parents, please help your dancers with this.  Buns are necessary to help teachers view and teach the correct alignment of the head and neck within the ballet exam work and is an important part of ballet discipline.  We understand that some students are brought to the studio for ballet by other parents or grandparents who are unable to do their buns - in those cases we do suggest that parents do their dancer’s ballet bun before school (with some water and hairspray, hairpins and hair nets, it will stay in all day ready for ballet after school).   Here is a YouTube video explaining how to do a correct ballet bun



Some classes have additional or new requirements this year-

  • Level 1 Ballet to Level 7 Ballet (Grade 2 at school to Year 7 or 8) students need their set ballet uniform including waist elastic PLUS Character shoes and a Character skirt. All students need their character shoes and skirt no later than WEEK 5 of Term 1 as we have commenced character work already. Students must bring character shoes and character skirt to EVERY class please. A reminder that these levels must also have a waist elastic around their leotard every lesson. 


  • Grade 5 Ballet: Students will receive assessment invitations for pointe shoes and will require these only once they have received full approval by our physio. The first pair of pointe shoes may only be purchased with an ADV teacher present. Subsequent pairs of pointe shoes can be purchased without a teacher present.


  • Intermediate Foundation, Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 RAD Ballet (year 8 and above): Students in Intermediate Foundation and above must have Demi Pointe shoes and Pointe Shoes (this is required by ADV).



If your dancer will be away from class due to school camps or illness, please ensure you log this absence in your customer portal so the teachers can see the reason for their absence.



At the end of Term 1 all students in our RAD Ballet program receive a progress report. The report includes feedback on the student’s progress and a recommendation as to whether they will be entered for an exam and the type of exam they will be entered for. 




Why Do We Do Ballet Exams?

All our ballet students prepare for the international Royal Academy of Dance exams. Preparing for exams challenges even our youngest ballet students to improve in class each week in preparation for presenting their work to the examiner.  The students increase in confidence and their skill level also increases at a much quicker rate.  Once the exam is completed the students have a great sense of achievement and receive their certificate and medal and valuable feedback on how they are progressing in their training.   The RAD syllabus is a world-renowned ballet exam syllabus that provides a progressive and high standard of training culminating in exams with the provision of internationally standardised results.


Holiday Classes/Compulsory Exam Preparation

All ballet students undertaking an external exam in 2024 are required to attend the below listed holiday classes in preparation.  You will be told in your Term 1 reports if your dancer is invite to do an exam from prep students to our oldest students.    Compulsory attendance at the holiday exam preparation is required for all exam students.

Pre Primary, Primary, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7

ADV Onsite Winter Holiday Exam Preparation Classes for RAD and ACB students

8th – 13 July  

Ballet exam students from Pre-Primary level and above in both RAD classes and ACB (Classical Academy) classes are required to attend preparation classes during the second week of the July school holidays (Monday to Friday).  Students are not able to enter the exam if they cannot attend the holiday classes.   Most students will be required for 3 or 4 days.  A holiday timetable will be sent out early Term 2.


Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1

Spring Syllabus Intensive and Exam Preparation for RAD Majors Students

2nd - 4th October 

Intermediate Foundation, Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 students are required to attend the RAD intensive during the second week of the Term 3 holidays. Location to be confirmed by the RAD closer to the date.  This intensive is run by the RAD for all Majors students in Victoria.



The below listed “catch up lessons” are only for classical academy  students who will be undertaking their RAD exam this year as well as their External ACB classical academy exam”

MONDAY 8th  April

9:00 – 11:00 Grade 2: Audrina, Ava Santamaria, Lucas Sherren, Lucy Becker, Olivia Zhang, Scarlett Sin, Sophia Liu, Sophie Jin

11:15 – 1:15 Grade 3: Anneliese Schultz, Hana Kam, Alina Lee, Kacey He,

1:45 – 3:00 Grade 4:  Giselle Azzopardi, Chantel Sheng, Sissi Kow,

3:00 – 4:00 Grade 5:  Harper Luong, Liz Jiang

4:00 – 4:45 Grade 5: Dances Harper



9:00 – 11:00 Grade 2: Audrina, Ava Santamaria, Lucas Sherren, Lucy Becker, Olivia Zhang, Scarlett Sin, Sophia Liu, Sophie Jin

11:15 – 1:15 Grade 3: Anneliese Schultz, Hana Kam, Alina Lee, Kacey He,

1:45 – 3:00 Grade 4:  Giselle Azzopardi, Chantel Sheng, Sissi Kow,

3:00 – 4:00 Grade 5:  Harper Luong, Liz Jiang

4:00 – 4:45 Grade 5: Dances Liz Jiang


Practise at Home-RAD app and DVDs

There is a LOT of work involved in the RAD exams for your ballet student. We do encourage as many parents as possible to download the Royal Academy of Dance App on their phone, iPad or laptop. The actual app is free, you can then purchase the video work for your dancer’s level on the app. This contains the entire syllabus for their level with videos and music.


Pre-Primary to Grade 7 ballet exams will take place in Term 3 for both RAD students and ACB (Classical Academy) students,)  Dates are set by the Royal Academy of Dance and Ballet Conservertoire headquaters.  

Intermediate Foundation, Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 exams will take place in early Term 4.  

ADV will not know the exam dates until much later in the year and parents will be advised as soon as we know.  Exam entries are due in early Term 2 and parents of exam students will receive a notice with costs


The ballet teaching staff at ADV decide whether students are ready to enter an exam. For those entered into an exam there are two types of assessments offered under the RAD system for the Grade levels (Primary to Grade 5). The teachers also decide which type of exam a student is entered in and are required to decide by early April.  Major level exams and Higher Grades are only available as a graded exam.


  • RAD Class Award: This exam is undertaken in groups of four or less. The teacher is present in the room and guides the students through the exam to give the students an extra sense of security. Exercises are generally performed two or four at a time rather than solo. The feedback takes the form of written feedback in three sections, with a sheet, certificate and level badge. This type of exam is also recommended for students who are undertaking exams for the first time, and those who are a little unsure of their work or still working on confidence levels.


  • RAD Graded Exam: This exam is the full exam for each level. Students enter in groups of four or less. No teacher is present in the room and the students perform for the examiner alone. Many exercises are performed one or two at a time. The feedback takes the form of a marking section with a total mark given out of 100 and students receive a grading sheet, a certificate and level badge. 


  • ACB Exams (Classical Academy students).  Classical Academy students only have a graded exam option.  Classical Academy student will have an internal assessment at the end of Term 2 to ensure they are on track to enter their graded external exam with the conservatoire.


22nd JUNE -   2024 Mid-Year Showcase Performance

This year all classical academy and RAD students from Pre-Primary to Advanced levels will take place in a mid-year performance on 22 June. The onstage performance will showcase the work students have been learning in their ballet classes and all ballet students will perform on stage in a Grand De Fille.


2024 Concert 1st December, 4th December and  8th December

Please keep these dates available. All ballet classes participate in the ADV End of year concert which takes place in December. We present a fabulously costumed story ballet with all students involved in bringing it to life! Please keep these dates available for theatre rehearsals and performances.


Please always contact us if you have any questions.  


And don’t forget you can find all information also on our information portal at

Current Information portal password is ADVJoy


Kind regards

Tamara Davidson


Academy of Dance Victoria

Ph: 98989899

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