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Dear Parents 


The Dancestep program is a student in dance teacher training program that we offer at ADV.   The program aims to create the next generation of Dance Teachers and is also a wonderful leadership program within our school and offers our students potential for future paid work in the dance teaching industry.   


Applications to join our student teacher training program is now open.   Students aged 12 years and over at ADV are welcome to apply.   We do have limited places so not all students will be offered a place.   Applications will be assessed based on the students answers in the attached form so we do ask that parents let their students fill out the form on their own so we can gage their understanding and interest level by their responses.


Attached below is an 


1. Link to information booklet regarding the program:


2. Flyer about the program


3. Application for the program.


Applications are due in by this Sunday 26th May.   If you have any further questions please contact Tamara on 0425 353 600 or email








Level One Application Form.jpg
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