2021 Solo Students

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Dear Solo students and Parents


As we enter this two week holidays and solo competitions begin here are some important reminders for your competition days. 

We usually have the mid year concert to check everyone’s solo costumes and hairstyles, however I have provided a list below of hairstyles.   

Please let me know if you do not have costume approval from me yet and make sure you include a photo of the costume.   




  • Always arrive at the competition 1 hour before you are due to go onstage. Many competitions will run early and parking can be very busy

  • You must wear your ADV uniform.  ADV Jacket, ADV T-Shirt and black leggings.  

  • Your hair and make up should be complete before you leave home. 

  • Please take spare dance tights with you in case you get a hole before going on (it happens a lot!)

  • If the competition requires you to bring your music make sure you have 2 copies with you.  

  • When you arrive ask someone what section they are up to so you can estimate how much time you have


  • Make sure you warm up, this means doing some jumps and skipping or jogging first followed by some stretching

  • They will not call you for your spot, so once it is close to your group head to the backstage area at least 1 or 2 sections before your section (depending on how many people are in each section

  • Once backstage they will usually call you through - if possible line up in order of appearance with other competitions. 

  • Make sure you know if your dance starts “on stage” or “off stage” as they will ask you when side stage

  • Once it is your turn wait to hear the adjudicators bell ring.  Once the bell rings you can run on stage straight away if you start on stage.  Or if you start offstage then make sure you are in the correct “ wing” and wait for your music to start.  

  • Don’t forget to smile and have your eyes up the examiner. 


You are marked on

  • Your grooming  

  • Your costume

  • Your dance technique

  • Your performance face 

  • Your musicality and dance quality

Please ensure you have practised your stage entrance and exit (ie curtsey or bow) 



After you finish your routine make sure you

  • Wait to go back onstage for awards (or side stage if that is how they do it).  When standing on stage for awards please stand in first position or 5th position, or preparatory for classical solos

  • Collect your crit sheet (the judges feedback) 

  • Send a photo of your crit sheet to academyofdance@bigpond.com so this can be forwarded to your solo teacher

  • Send a photo of you in your costume to Miss Tamara Davidson on 0425 353 600 or email to academyofdance@bigpond.com

  • If you do receive an award or place, please take a photo with your award in front of the banner (usually found in the foyer) and send to Miss Tamara Davidson on 0425 353 600




Costuming Reminders

  • All students must wear dance undies - skin coloured high cut. 

  • Students performing a neo classical solo MUST wear theatrical pink ballet tights and ballet shoes.  Ballet shoes must be cleaned and re-painted with no marks or scuffs. 

  • Students performing a ballet solo or Demi Character Solo MUST wear theatrical pink ballet tights and ballet shoes. Ballet shoes must be cleaned and re-painted with no marks or scuffs. 

  • Students performing a Jazz solo must wear tan footed tights and tan jazz shoes

  • Students performing a contemporary or lyrical need to wear tan footless tights and foot thongs or turning shoes. 

  • Students performing musical theatre solos should wear tan footed tights and tan jazz shoes



Solo Hairstyles

You are marked on your grooming/appearance so solo hairstyles must be extremely neat and GELLED. There should be no whips or escaped hair that can be seen on stage.  Please add more hairspray before you go on stage. 

  • Ballet solos.  Extremely neat ballet bun on crown of head with headpiece.  Or ADV Exam and concert hairstyles -  Twists into a bun or Plaits into a bun

  • Neo Classical Solos: Extremely neat ballet bun on crown of head with headpiece.  Or ADV Exam and concert hairstyles -  Twists into a bun or Plaits into a bun

  • Jazz & Musical theatre Solos: These depend on the costume and need to be set by Tamara Davidson.  Please speak with Tamara if you have a Jazz solo and need to know the hairstyle

  • Lyrical and Contemporary Solos:  Please speak to Miss Tamara regarding your hairstyle for this

  • Demi Character: This also depends on the Costume.  Please speak with Miss Tamara Davidson regarding this. 



Solo Makeup

Students need full stage make up for competitions.  Attached are a few YouTube make up demonstrations

Young Dancers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdUX3H5UfUQ

Make up needed includes

  • Foundation - 1 shade darker than skin tone

  • Concealer

  • Powder - Setting Powder

  • Rouge

  • White eyeshadow

  • Dark Brown Eye shadow

  • Light Brown Eye Shadow

  • Ivory Eye Shadow

  • Black eyeliner

  • Brown eyeliner (for eyebrows)

  • Black Mascara

  • Pink or Red lipstick (depending on your costume colour)

  • Note dancers aged 12 and over should use fake eyelashes to open up the eyes.




The below list is students that we know are competing this holidays.   Please let us know if your dancer does have a competition scheduled so we can add them to our list. 

Southern Federation of Dance

Doncaster Secondary College - Church Rd Doncaster



TUESDAY 29TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00am session start 37&70 – Neo Classical & Lyrical 5-7 years / Solos - COMBINED SECTION (10.55am estimated time)



TUESDAY 29TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00am session start 37&70 – Neo Classical & Lyrical 5-7 years / Solos - COMBINED SECTION (10.55am estimated time)

WEDNESDAY 30TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00 am session start 1 - Jazz 5-7 years / Solos (9.00am, 1st section of the morning, competitor number 1)



TUESDAY 29TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - (9.00am, 1st section of the morning, competitor number 3) 21 / Classical Open 8-10 years / Solos (9.00am estimated time)

TUESDAY 29TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00 am session start 29 / Demi Character Novice 8-10 years / Solos (11.30am estimated time)

WEDNESDAY 30TH JUNE 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00 am session start 38 / Neo Classical Novice 8-10 years / Solos (12.00pm estimated time)



THURSDAY 1ST JULY 2021 - MORNING SESSION - 9.00 am session start 4B / Jazz Novice 11-12 years / Solos - SPLIT SECTION (10.05am estimated time)

THURSDAY 1ST JULY 2021 - AFTERNOON SESSION - 1.30 pm session start 22 / Classical Novice 11-12 years / Solos (3.35pm estimated start)


EMAIL 23 April

Dear parents of our solo students. 


Just a few important reminders and helpful hints as everyone starts entering solo competitions and looking for costumes. 



Listed below are links to costume companies.   The process for choosing and purchasing a solo costume is as follows

  • Check with your solo teacher what their “vision” is

  • Look at the links below for costumes available on the costume company websites.   

  • Send your suggested photos of solo costumes to Miss Tamara Davidson (Principal) via email at academyofdance@bigpond.com.  Tamara will then check the costumes and either suggest a different costume or will confirm your choice and the price of the costume for you (make sure you let Tamara know which costume company the picture is from).  This is an essential part of the process as you will be representing ADV and the costume is judged as well.

  • In most cases ADV will then purchase the costume for you as most costume companies only deal with Dance Studios and do not deal with individual customers.   ADV then sends you an invoice for the costume purchase and the parent pays ADV.   Costumes can take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.

  • The one exception to the payment process is when the parent is using a custom designer to make the costume.  In this case the payment is made by the parent directly to the costume maker only AFTER the design has been approved by principal Tamara Davidson



















It’s time for parents to be looking at which competitions your dancer will be entering (all soloists required to do 3 competitions a year)   The following competitions are ones that our troupe students will be doing.  These are often great ones for solo students to also enter as it means they may have other ADV students and sometimes teachers there and they won’t clash with the actual troupe routines.   I highly recommend these competitions for our solo students.   I have also attached a list of other competitions available. Please remember to email Ronnie at advcompetitionmanager@gmail.com with details of any competitions you have entered.

Competitions ADV recommends

  • July: Spotlight Dance Competition​ - Doncaster Secondary College

  • August. Evolution Dance Competition - Kel Watson Theatre Forest Hill

  • September: Southern Dance Competition - Cawaratha Theatre Noble Park

  • November: Jump Dance Competition - Noble Park

We have also attached the competition list spreadsheet for everyone looking for further competitions to enter if they above don’t suit

For experienced solo students in classical competitions (those that have previously placed 1st in a classical solo). We reccomend


  • Australian Institute of Classical Dance Awards - by invite from ADV

  • RAD Audrey Nicholls Awards - September - by invite from ADV




All our solo students will be performing their new solos at our mid year Cabaret Performance at the end of Term 2 at the Huntingtower Theatre in Mount Waverley.   This solo performance is basically their full dress rehearsal before they begin competitions so no new solos are to be competed on stage at competitions before our Cabaret Performance.  Students costumes and head pieces and hairstyles must be finalised before the Cabaret Performance.   Our performance is also a wonderful opportunity for your family and friends to see your dancer perform their solo. 



This information has been previously given out by email and can also be found on our website information portal on the solo students page.  

Students must have their ADV Jackets, T-shirts with black leggings or ADV leggings


Ballet solos: Ballet shoes with ribbons on them and theatrical pink ballet tights

Neo classical solo: Ballet shoes and theatrical pink ballet tights

Jazz solo: Tan jazz shoes with tan tights

Lyrical Solo: Turning shoe or foot thongs with Footless tan tights

Contemporary solo: Turning shoe or foot thongs with footless tan tights

Tap Solo: Tan Tap shoes, tan tights

Acrobatic solo:  Bare feet with tan footless tights

Hip Hop Solo: Runners to match costume - speak with Miss Tamara D

Song & Dance Solo:  Tan Jazz shoes or Chorus shoes with Tan Tights


Dear parents of our solo students,


We hope your dancer has had a great start to the year and is enjoying learning their new solos or rehearsing old solos.  This email includes important information about 

1. Mid Year Performance

2. Home Practise

3. Entering Competitions

4. Attending Competitions




All solo students are required to perform one of their solo’s at our Cabaret & Solo’s concert on 

DATE: Saturday 26th June 

TIME: 6:30 - 9:00  (solo students will be performing in the 2nd half of the show)

LOCATION: Huntingtower Theatre 77 Waimarie Dr, Mount Waverley .   

This is the final dress rehearsal for your student before they begin competitions in July onwards.   



DROP BOX: We have created a new drop box link for all our 2021 Solo students.    In this dropbox you will find a file with your dancers name on it.   This is where the teachers will post all your dancers solo music and also any videos (where relevant) for the purpose of home practise.  This is also where parents can download the dancer music to take to competitions.   AND it’s a great back up if you forget to take your music to competitions you can download it or play it from the drop box (although this is only an emergency option). 


WEBSITE: Our information portal at our website also has a section for solo students where copies of all emails and communications are sent out so that you don’t have to scroll through your email folder to find things!  It also has a link to the drop box for easy access.   Go to  www.academyofdance.biz - select “Information Portal” from the menu under “more”. Use password T12021 to log in and then select the solo students button to take you to the correct page. 



It is time for parents of solo students to start entering their solo dancer into competitions for 2021.   A reminder that new routines must not be performed in competitions until JULY onwards.  Routines that are in their 2nd year of performance may be entered into competitions from now onwards. 

* Check with your solo teacher which routines will be ready to compete

* Choose dates from July onwards to enter (unless using an old routine).

* Check the attached lists of solo competitions available that Ronnie has prepared.

* Check which competitions are open for solo entries via the below websites or on the competitions business website as some do their own entries directly through their own websites. 




* Once you have done your competition entries please email Ronnie at advcompetitionmanager@gmail.com and let her know 

    1. which competitions you have entered Name and approx dates.

    2. What age group you are entered in

    3. What solo type you are doing    

    4.  Your solo teachers name

Ronnie then adds all this information to our 2021 competitors spreadsheet  to help us keep track of who is competing.    

* Speak with your teacher about your solo costumes.  Parents please remember that all Solo costumes must be okayed by Principal Tamara Davidson before they are purchased or made. 

* Parents need to make sure they read the rules for each competition you are entering.  Rules vary with every competition including age groups, how you need to submit your music and more.  Solo teachers are not expected to do this for students and it remains the parents responsibility 



IF your solo dancer also does competition troupes you might like to enter the same competitions as the teams are entering.  Likewise even if your dancer does not do troupes, it’s often fun to enter the same competitions as our groups so that your dancer will have fellow ADV students and often ADV teachers present wth you at competitions .

18th July: Spotlight Dance Competition​ - Doncaster Secondary College

5th - 8th August. Evolution Dance Competition - Kel Watson Theatre Forest Hill

18 -26 September: Southern Dance Competition - Cawaratha Theatre Noble Park

5-7th November: Jump Dance Competition - Noble Park



We love to hear how students go at competitions and ask that on Competition days parents send a photo of students in costume to Miss Tamara Davidson by text to 0425 353 600 or email to  academyofdance@bigpond.com  so that we can share and also keep for our end of year compilations. Please also let us know how they go in their section, we are always proud of our soloists no matter what the results and love to have a photo of them in costume at the competition - often there are photo boards in the foyer you can use to pose in front of .

  • Please remember not to take photo’s in dressing rooms at competitions as we can not legally use those.  It’s always best  to find the competition media wall or banner to pose in front of instead.

  • Always take TWO copies of your music to every competition and make sure you have checked whether they are to be on usb or CD or device such as a phone or iPod or a prior upload to the competitions dropbox or email.   Make sure you have labelled the music in the specific way the competition has set out (every competition has different requirements). 

  • Take spare hair pins, bobby pins, scissors, costume accessories, hair accessories, dance shoes, and any props 

  • Use a costume bag to take your costume safely to competitions 

  • Pack spare make up and lipstick! 

  • You MUST wear your ADV uniform to and from competitions - ADV Jacket, ADV T-shirt, ADV Leggings. 

  • Parents and Students please make sure you are friendly and encouraging to all other competitors. 

  • When in the audience applaud all performers and keep all comments positive (the car is the best place for voicing critism or disappointment) remember you never know who may be sitting near you in the audience. 

  • On stage during adjudication students need to remember to clap for the other competitors

  • After your section is complete and adjudication is finished collect your CRIT from the adjudicator (usually found at competition front desk) and bring to show your solo teacher at your next lesson (or email a copy to Miss Tamara to forward on to your solo teacher).

  • At the end of the competition send a photo and update to Miss Tamara at academyofdance@bigpond.com or text 0425353600



MISSING SOLO LESSONS: 24 hours notice via email to adveception@bigpond.com is required to cancel a private lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given via email to this address the lesson price will still be charged (please don’t just tell your solo lesson teacher as they are not responsible for organising make up lessons). Please remember that the teacher and studio hire and ancillary costs still have to be paid for the time even if your child does not show up for a lesson. Giving appropriate notice allows other arrangements to be made for that teacher and the studio space and a makeup lesson can then be organised for your dancer. 


MAKE UP LESSONS: When a student is owed a private make up lesson ADV administration staff will offer 2 options of day/time for make up lessons. If students are not able to attend either of those 2 options then the make up lesson will be forfeited. Make up lessons must occur within the same term that it was missed and can not be carried over. 


HOME PRACTISE: Just like learning an instrument practising is very important for dance solos. Solo students (or their parents) are expected to bring an ipad or phone or some type of recording device to their lesson so routines can be filmed to practise with. Parents are welcome to come in for the last 5 minutes of the lesson to film the routine. Parents are also asked to encourage their student to practise routines and corrections and skills at home at least twice a week. 


SOLO COSTUMES: Solo costumes are purchased by the parents of the dancer/student and remain there’s to keep. Parents must consult with their solo teacher AND Miss Tamara Davidson (principal) before purchasing solo costumes to ensure they meet the standards of ADV. Please ensure you have the go-ahead from Miss Tamara Davidson before finalising any costume purchase. 


COMPETITION UNIFORM: All students competing will need an Academy of Dance Victoria Jacket and leggings for wearing to and from competitions. There is also an ADV singlet top available which is a good alternative in summer months and can also be worn under the ADV Jacket. Competition hairstyles and make up will be set by solo teachers and Miss Tamara and confirmed in consultation with parents once costume details are finalised. 


SOLO TEACHERS COMMUNICATION: We encourage parents of solo students to speak with solo teachers directly to convey what solos dancer wishes to work on and work in conjunction with the teacher on updating solos or creating new solos. Good communication between parent and solo teacher results in a positive outcome for the dancer. Solo teachers are not expected to attend every competition with their students as this is time that they volunteer and are not paid for, however teachers will often try and attend at least one competition during the year when possible. ADV teaching staff always attempt to be with new solo students and their parents at their very first solo competition, 


COMPETITION ENTRY. Solo students must enter at least 3 competitions over the year to maintain their solo position. Our competition manager Ronnie Draper will help you with entries and reminders of competition opening dates. Parents are asked to please email Ronnie at advcompetitionmanager@gmail.com  the details each time you enter a competition so that this information can also be passed onto the solo teachers and recorded in our competition students spreadsheet which is sent out to all soloists during the year with updates and also helps us track our solo s