Dear Parents of our solo students


With another term of online learning we are looking forward to running a solo concert online to give our solo competition students the chance to perform their solos for an audience.   Please find below details of how the concert is running. 



  • Students will be filming their routines during their online solo lesson with their teacher in the week commencing Monday 3rd August.   

  • A parent will need to available for 15 minutes of the lesson to film the solo under the guidance of the solo teacher.

  • Routines should be filmed in costume and with hair done.  

  • Make up is optional

  • Students can perform any new solo’s that they have not yet done on stage.  They are welcome to perform multiple solos if they have not yet performed them at a competition or concert. 

  • Each routine needs to be filmed separately 

  • Videos of the routines must be emailed to academyofdance@bigpond.com no later than Monday 10th August



  • The solo concert performance will be live streamed via Facebook on Saturday 15th August at 5pm.  

  • To view the performance please register at our event on Facebook via this link https://www.facebook.com/events/985726888515241/

  • There is no cost involved to view the performance and we hope everyone enjoys the chance to perform and also watch each other.  Please feel free to invite family and friends to join the online viewing.

  • The performance will be streamed at 5pm on the day and will not be available at other times. Don’t miss out! 



If you already have your solo costume please wear that for the filming.  If you do not have a costume for your new solos you may re-use a previous competition solo costume.  If you do not have any solo costume options please email advreception@bigpond.com to organise with Lisa Klepac to hire a solo costume from ADV for the occasion.   

  • Note hired costumes must be returned to ADV no later than Saturday 15th August 2021. 



  • Liz Jiang

  • Annaliese Schultz

  • Rena Chai

  • Kira Kam

  • Gillian Berg

  • Lauren Tang

  • Hamish Williamson

  • Adaliah Smith

  • Lucy Brady 

  • Grace Ivas

  • Natalie Hew

  • Lucy Southgate

  • Christina Ivas

  • Annabelle Brady

  • Millie Berg

  • Ella Waddy

  • Danielle Biondo

  • Isabella Panagios

  • Liesl Koziol


We will be having an online solo concert on Saturday 15th August to showcase all our soloists.    More details will be sent out in the coming weeks. 


It’s been a crazy year already and although it seems to be continuing,  there are also some signs of normalcy.   Quite a few solo competitions are now opening up.   We encourage the parents of our solo competition students to now start looking at the following dance competitions and entering their solo’s accordingly, there are a number of online solo competitions also available..    

* Check with your solo teacher which routines will be ready to compete

* Choose dates from August onwards to enter.

* Check which competitions are open for solo entries 

    www.stardom.com.au - competition entries for Southern Dance Festival Now open here

    www.compsonline.com.au - competition entries for Spotlight, Energy, Jump Dance Challenge, Northern performance Challenge, Time to Shine available here.

    www.fydentry.com - competition entries for Follow Your Dreams available here. 

* Once you have done your competition entries please email lisastackpole@bigpond.com and let her know 

    1. which competitions you have entered Name and approx dates.

    2. What age group you are entered in

    3. What solo type you are doing    

    4.  Your solo teachers name

  Lisa then adds all this information to our 2020 competitors spreadsheet  to help us keep track of who is competing.    

* Speak with your teacher about your solo costumes.  Parents please remember that all Solo costumes must be okayed by Principal Tamara Davidson before they are purchased or made. 

* Parents need to make sure they read the rules for each competition you are entering.  Rules vary with every competition including age groups, how you need to submit your music and more.  Solo teachers are not expected to do this for students and it remains the parents responsibility 




IF your solo dancer also does competition troupes you might like to enter the same competitions as the teams are entering.  Likewise even if your dancer does not do troupes, it’s often fun to enter the same competitions as our groups so that your dancer will have fellow ADV students and also teachers present wth you at competitions .

September Spotlight Dance Competition at Doncaster Secondary College: approx $15 per student


October Time to Shine Competition at Carwatha Secondary College Noble Park; approx $40 per student


October Follow Your Dreams Competition (each troupe will be required on one of these dates)




We love to hear how students go at competitions and ask that on Competition days parents send a photo of students in costume to Miss Tamara Davidson by text to 0425 353 600 or email to  academyofdance@bigpond.com  so that we can share and also keep for our end of year compilations. Please also let us know how they go in their section, we are always proud of our soloists no matter what the results. 


* Please remember not to take photo’s in dressing rooms at competitions as we can not legally use those.  It’s always best  to find the competition media wall or banner to pose in front of instead.

  • Always take TWO copies of your music to every competition and make sure you have checked whether they are to be on usb or CD or device such as a phone or iPod or a prior upload to the competitions dropbox or email.   Make sure you have labelled the music in the specific way the competition has set out (every competition has different requirements). 

  • Take spare hair pins, bobby pins, scissors, costume accessories, hair accessories, dance shoes, and any props 

  • Use a costume bag to take your costume safely to competitions 

  • Pack spare make up and lipstick! 

  • You MUST wear your ADV uniform to and from competitions - ADV Jacket, ADV T-shirt, ADV Leggings. 

  • Parents and Students please make sure you are friendly and encouraging to all other competitors. 

  • When in the audience applaud all performers and keep all comments positive (the car is the best place for voicing critism or disappointment) remember you never know who may be sitting near you in the audience. 

  • On stage during adjudication students need to remember to clap for the other competitors

  • After your section is complete and adjudication is finished collect your CRIT from the adjudicator (usually found at competition front desk) and bring to show your solo teacher at your next lesson (or email a copy to Miss Tamara to forward on to your solo teacher).

  • At the end of the competition send a photo and update to Miss Tamara at academyofdance@bigpond.com or text 0425353600





MISSING SOLO LESSONS: 24 hours notice via email to adveception@bigpond.com is required to cancel a private lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given via email to this address the lesson price will still be charged (please don’t just tell your solo lesson teacher as they are not responsible for organising make up lessons). Please remember that the teacher and studio hire and ancillary costs still have to be paid for the time even if your child does not show up for a lesson. Giving appropriate notice allows other arrangements to be made for that teacher and the studio space and a makeup lesson can then be organised for your dancer. 


MAKE UP LESSONS: When a student is owed a private make up lesson ADV administration staff will offer 2 options of day/time for make up lessons. If students are not able to attend either of those 2 options then the make up lesson will be forfeited. Make up lessons must occur within the same term that it was missed and can not be carried over. 


HOME PRACTISE: Just like learning an instrument practising is very important for dance solos. Solo students (or their parents) are expected to bring an ipad or phone or some type of recording device to their lesson so routines can be filmed to practise with. Parents are welcome to come in for the last 5 minutes of the lesson to film the routine. Parents are also asked to encourage their student to practise routines and corrections and skills at home at least twice a week. 


SOLO COSTUMES: Solo costumes are purchased by the parents of the dancer/student and remain there’s to keep. Parents must consult with their solo teacher AND Miss Tamara Davidson (principal) before purchasing solo costumes to ensure they meet the standards of ADV. Please ensure you have the go-ahead from Miss Tamara Davidson before finalising any costume purchase. 


COMPETITION UNIFORM: All students competing will need an Academy of Dance Victoria Jacket and leggings for wearing to and from competitions. There is also an ADV singlet top available which is a good alternative in summer months and can also be worn under the ADV Jacket. Competition hairstyles and make up will be set by solo teachers and Miss Tamara and confirmed in consultation with parents once costume details are finalised. 


SOLO TEACHERS COMMUNICATION: We encourage parents of solo students to speak with solo teachers directly to convey what solos dancer wishes to work on and work in conjunction with the teacher on updating solos or creating new solos. Good communication between parent and solo teacher results in a positive outcome for the dancer. Solo teachers are not expected to attend every competition with their students as this is time that they volunteer and are not paid for, however teachers will often try and attend at least one competition during the year when possible. ADV teaching staff always attempt to be with new solo students and their parents at their very first solo competition, 


COMPETITION ENTRY. Solo students must enter at least 3 competitions over the year to maintain their solo position. Our competition manager Lisa Stackpole will help you with entries and reminders of competition opening dates. Parents are asked to please email Lisa at lisastackpole@bigpond.com the details each time you enter a competition so that this information can also be passed onto the solo teachers and recorded in our competition students spreadsheet which is sent out to all soloists during the year with updates and also helps us track our solo students competitions. 


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