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Dear parents of solo students


We hope your solo student is enjoying their competition preparation for this years competition season. 



Next Monday 29th April at 8pm we will be having a zoom session for all solo competition parents.  We do ask that 1 parent from all solo students attend the first part of the Zoom session

  • Part 1 of the Zoom which will cover general solo student information relevant to all solo students and should only run for 20 mins.   

  • Part 2 of the Zoom will be instructions on how to enter competitions plus question time for new solo parents and any interested current parents and will run for and additional 45 minutes. Experienced solo parents are welcome to leave the zoom at that time If they don’t have any questions.

SOLO & TROUPE CONCERT: FRIDAY 14TH JUNE: 379-399 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading VIC 3131 

Please note our solo and troupe concert date has been moved due to theatre availability.  

  • The solo and troupe concert is compulsory for all competition members both soloists and teams and will take place on Friday 14th June at The Rounds blackbox theatre.   

  • After the solo concert Solo students will all receive a short written crit from Miss Tamara which will include a go ahead to commence competitions or ask for changes or more practise before commencing competitions.  

  • A Running order for the evening will be sent out closer to the date so students can work out their costume order for the night

  • Solo and Troupe students will need to bring all costume items with them in a named costume bag.

Expected times for the 14th June are outlined below and will be confirmed closer to the date.  

5:30pm All performers arrive AT THE ROUND backstage via the stage door with hair and make up complete in ADV uniform

6:30pm - 9:30pm Solo & Troupe Concert Performance.  This will include an interval.




Full stage make up is required for all students at the concert as per our instructional video found here:

  • Solo students who are not involved in troupe can have their hair in the set hairstyle they will be wearing for competitions

  • Solo students who are also involved in troupe will need to wear their hair in a bun for the solo & troupe concert.   They will be given separated instructions for competitions




All solo and troupe competition students must purchase their own costume bag.  

There are many options available online.  A few are listed below to give you an idea

If your dancer has a tutu or are part of the classical troupe they must also have a tutu bag.


All Classical troupe and ballet solo students must have a tutu bag



A reminder that all this information plus more is added to our members login section at our website.  Go to and click on “Member Login” then use password ADVJoy to access. 


Invitation to Solo lessons

Each year we invite a number of students to begin or continue as a solo students with Academy of Dance Victoria. Being a soloist previously does not automatically guarantee a solo offer for subsequent years. Solo offers are a special privilege at ADV that is given to students who are demonstrating excellence in their dance class work, whilst also demonstrating a hard working attitude and an open approach to being corrected. Limited studio space and solo teacher availability means we are only able to offer solo lessons to a small group of students at ADV which has over 350 students. Solo students begin with one competition solo and then once we feel they are ready they are able to increase to multiple solos.

There are 3 different types of private coaching

  1. Solo Coaching: A 30 minute weekly session, preparing students to enter competitions as a soloist representing ADV in 2024. This is a great privilege by offer only to those students we feel are ready.

  2. Classical Coaching: Intensive weekly 30 mins or 60 mins one on one coaching session for talented classical students to help refine and extend their classical technique. Available to Classical Academy students

  3. Private lessons: A 30 minute class assisting to students to learn exam work or catch up on technique. This may be a once off or a few times a year and is open to all students at ADV subject to studio and teacher availability.


We would like to invite you to undertake solo coaching for competition preparation. Solo lessons are of great benefit because they promote rapid improvement due to the one on one focus on technique and they allow the chance to perform on stage more frequently which of course is great fun for the students BUT more importantly means they become far more comfortable performers on stage and therefore more proficient in their stage craft.

Please let read the below information and then Miss Tamara know via email to with either a yes or no asap. If you wish to discuss the offer further please feel free to call Miss Tamara on weekdays only between hours of 10am and 3pm on 0425 353 600.


  • Solo times are allocated based on studio space and staff available.

  • We are not always able to schedule solo times on a day when the dancer attends due to limited studio space and also trying to allocate the right solo teacher match for the dancer.

  • Solo teachers do not always teach all genres. If your dancer is doing a ballet solo as well as a jazz solo they would most likely need different solo teachers. Many solo teachers,

Your Solo Time:

Your Solo Teacher:


  • Solo students must approach all solo lessons with a growth mindset and be ready to put in 100 percent whilst taking on board corrections offered by their teacher.

  • Home practise is very important and expected from solo students

  • Please bring your own device each lesson to record any new choreography on

  • It's encouraged that students bring a note book to their lessons and write their corrections down at the end of the lesson.

  • New solo’s must not be entered for competitions until after the June solo concert.

  • All solo students must also be taking classes in the genre that they wish to compete in (ie you can’t do a contemporary solo if you are not taking contemporary class etc).

  • Solo students must already be in the Classical Academy or Accelerate Troupe Programs

  • Classical Academy students by selection must have received a minimum of a Distinction in their previous exam. Classical Academy students may also compete in Demi Character and Contemporary (if taking contemporary) and neo classical solos.

  • Accelerate Troupe students are eligible to undertake solos in the style of Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop as long as they are also taking those classes on a weekly basis)

  • Students who undertake solo’s in the styles of Jazz, and lyrical solo’s are required to also take acrobatics class to help them keep up their skill level in the competition world.

  • Solo routines are kept for 2 years Routines will be unskilled for the 2nd year.

  • It is up to the solo coach's discretion how many solo routines in various styles a student can cope with. This also takes place in conjunction with the solo students parent when relevant. The solo teacher has the final say over the dance styles most appropriate for the student although students preference is considered in the decision making process.

  • Solo teachers are solely responsible for music choices and choreographic ideas

  • Solo students must compete in a minimum of 3 solo competitions during the calendar year to be considered for solos the following year.


Classical Coaching: $52 per 30 minute lesson

Private Coaching: $46 per 30 minute lesson

Solo Competition Coaching: $46 per 30 minute lesson

MISSING SOLO LESSONS: 24 hours notice via your online iclass portal is required to cancel a private lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given via email through our iclass system price will still be charged (please don’t just tell your solo lesson teacher as they are not responsible for organising make up lessons). Please remember that the teacher and studio hire still has to be paid for the time even if your child does not show up for a lesson. Giving appropriate notice allows other arrangements to be made for that teacher and the studio space and a makeup lesson can then be organised for your dancer.

HOME PRACTISE: Just like learning an instrument practising is very important for dance solos. Solo students are expected to bring an ipad or phone or some type of recording device to their lesson so routines can be filmed to practise with.

  • Parents are welcome to come in and film routines for the last 5 minutes of the lesson to film the routine.

  • Parents are also asked to encourage their student to practise routines and corrections and skills at home 2 to 3 times a week.

SOLO COSTUMES: Solo costumes are purchased by the parents of the dancer/student and remain theirs to keep. Parents must consult with their solo teacher AND Miss Tamara before purchasing solo costumes to ensure they meet the standards of ADV. Please ensure you have the go-ahead from principal Miss Tamara Davidson before finalising any costume purchase.

COMPETITION UNIFORM: All students competing will need an Academy of Dance Victoria Jacket and black leggings for wearing to and from competitions. The ADV t-shirt is also a good alternative in summer months and can also be worn under the ADV Jacket. Competition hairstyles and make up will be set by solo teachers and Miss Tamara and confirmed in consultation with parents once costume details are finalised.

SOLO TEACHERS COMMUNICATION:  We encourage parents of solo students to speak with solo teachers directly to convey what solos dancer wishes to work on and work in conjunction with the teacher on updating solos or creating new solos. Good communication between parent and solo teacher results in a positive outcome for the dancer. Please note that communication must take place during your dancers class time, we suggest the last 5 minutes of class is best. Solo teachers are not expected to attend every competition with their students as this is time that they volunteer and are not paid for, however teachers will often try and attend at least one competition during the year when possible.  ADV teaching staff will help new solo students and their parents at their first competition and will always do their best to attend one of their first competitions.

COMPETITION ENTRY. Solo students must enter at least 3 competitions over the year to maintain their solo position. Our studio manager Miss Kylie will help you with entries and reminders of competition opening dates. Parents are asked to please email Miss Kylie (new email address coming soon) the details each time you enter a competition so that this information can also be passed onto the solo teachers and recorded in our competition students spreadsheet which is sent out to all soloists during the year with updates and also helps us track our solo students competitions.

COMPETITION DAY: We love to hear how students go at competitions and ask that on Competition days parents send us a photo of students in costume so that we can share and also keep for our end of year compilations.

Please also let us know how they go in their section, we are always proud of our soloists no matter what the results. Please remember not to take photo’s in dressing rooms at competitions and find the competition media wall or banner to pose in front of instead.

  • Always take 2 copies of your music to every competition (even if its an uploaded music comp).

  • Take spare hair pins, bobby pins, scissors, costume accessories, hair accessories, dance shoes, and any props

  • Use a costume bag to take your costume safely to competitions

  • Pack spare make up and lipstick!

  • Wear your ADV uniform to and from competitions.

  • Parents and StudENTS


Parents are required to organise competition costumes, however there is a firm process to follow

1. Speak with your solo teacher regarding their vision for the costume

2. Research costume companies and costume makers for something that matches the solo costume vision

3. Clear costume or design choice with Miss Tamara 

4. Once permission is given organise for the costume to be purchased - sometimes this will need to be done via ADV buying the costume and invoicing the parent as many costume companies will only deal with dance studios and not with individual parents.  


ADV is always happy to assist in organising the purchase for the parent. 

* Parents please remember that all Solo costumes must be okayed by Principal Tamara Davidson before they are purchased or made.  Please do not purchase a costume without Miss Tamara’s approval first.  



ADV is always happy to help where possible in finding costumes.   We have access to a large range of companies who stock costumes that can only be accessed by dance studio owners.  We also have access to a number of hire tutu’s and costumes or second hand sale tutus and costumes which we will try to utilise where possible 

If you would like assistance finding costumes please speak with Miss Kylie or Miss Tamara.






  • Ballet solos: Ballet shoes with ribbons on them and theatrical pink ballet tights

  • Neo classical solo: Ballet shoes and theatrical pink ballet tights

  • Jazz solo: Tan jazz shoes with tan tights

  • Lyrical Solo: Turning shoe or foot thongs with Footless tan tights

  • Contemporary solo: Turning shoe or foot thongs with footless tan tights

  • Tap Solo: Tan Tap shoes, tan tights

  • Acrobatic solo:  Bare feet with tan footless tights

  • Hip Hop Solo: Runners to match costume - speak with Miss Tamara D

  • Song & Dance Solo:  Tan Jazz shoes or Chorus shoes with Tan Tights


Please ensure your have checked your hairstyle with Miss Tamara prior to the solo concert. 

  • Ballet solos - flat classical bun on crown of head (no donuts)

  • Lyrical Solos - Bun or crossed plaits

  • Jazz Solos - To match costume - speak with Miss Tamara

  • Tap Solos - To match costume - speak with Miss Tamara

  • Neo Classical Solos: Half up half down, with half up section twists or plaits 

  • Hip Hop Solos: To match costume - speak with Miss Tamara

  • Character solos: To match costume - speak with Miss Tamara


Costuming Reminders

  • All students must wear dance undies - skin coloured high cut. 

  • Students performing a neo classical solo MUST wear theatrical pink ballet tights and ballet shoes.  Ballet shoes must be cleaned and re-painted with no marks or scuffs. 

  • Students performing a ballet solo or Demi Character Solo MUST wear theatrical pink ballet tights and ballet shoes. Ballet shoes must be cleaned and re-painted with no marks or scuffs. 

  • Students performing a Jazz solo must wear tan footed tights and tan jazz shoes

  • Students performing a contemporary or lyrical need to wear tan footless tights and foot thongs or turning shoes. 

  • Students performing musical theatre solos should wear tan footed tights and tan jazz shoes

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