We are looking forward to our online singing concert coming up on Sunday 13th September.   The concert will be live streamed via Facebook and you will be sent access codes next week before the event. Feel free to invite family or friends to join and watch.    


BUT FIRST!  This is a reminder!  Please remember you need to film your child doing their solo and submit it to us no later than 5th September which is THIS WEEK!     Instructions below


1. Please film in LANDSCAPE VIEW (not portrait). 

2. Please ensure you can hear the singers and the music clearly when filming (choose a spot where there is no noise in the background)

3. Wear something nice and have your hair presented nicely - just like you would if we were at the studio for a singing concert 

4.  Email a link to your file to advreception@bigpond using either google drive, dropbox or wetransfer NO LATER THAN 5th September (it takes quite a while for us to upload it into one event so please have them in on time)

5. Extra notes - your singers backing track for their song is on their dropbox file which holds all their singing lesson files.  Please make sure you use that backing track when recording their song.

6.  DON'T FORGET!  This is for an audience, so use expression when you sing to the camera! 


We look forward to hearing them!


Dear parents of our private singing lesson students. 


Miss Eloise and Miss Taylah are very excited to be putting together some special events this term.   1. A singing video event as well as an online singing concert.   



All students have been busy in class preparing for our special singing video of our song “If only you would listen”.   All the students have been doing such a great job of learning it in the song in their lessons. Please keep practising your harmonies so you know them and can sing the song confidently so our performance can look and sound as professional as possible.   Below is some important information on HOW TO record your song and how to send it to us.    Each singing student must record themselves (or have a parent record you) singing the song. 



  • you will need to be playing the music through ear/head phones so YOU can hear the music BUT the only audio WE will hear in the video is your voice.  We will then put this music over the top of you all singing when we do the final editing. 

  • It’s handy to leave a few seconds before you press play for the music in the video so it’s easier to get everyone in time - so leave a little space before you start recording the song.

Where & how to film? 

  • please find the whitest background you can at home, the plainer the better so no patterns on the wall - you can even stand in front of a plain white cupboard if you don’t have a white wall. 

  • You must record inside (not outside) as we need no background noise - so in a quiet spot too1  

  • Film in LANDSCAPE

  • Film from your shoulders up 

  • Film straight on at eye level to get the best angle of you

  • Try to make the space as well lit as you can, daylight is the best!

What to wear? 

  • please just look neat and tidy and again no crazy patterns on your top - we should see from top of your chest up to head.  Neat hair please! 

How and when to send the video? 

  • email the video to you can also use wetransfer or google files or drop box link. 

  • Video due date is Wednesday 12th of August!


If you have any questions please ask your singing teacher in the coming weeks!



Angie Kock

Lauren Tang

Jazzy Campbell

Lucy Brady

Emily Ng

Grace Ivas

Sianna Kong

Melanie Zhu

Carol Zhou

Samantha Cho

Chloe Karatjas

Madeline Nesci

Christina Ivas

Annabelle Brady

Alexia Brady

Marry Kalenkova

Jasmine McKenzie

Millie Berg

Elle Fenelon

Alessandra Negro

Mia Fenelon




Sunday, 13th September 2020 630pm


How it will work: Each student will film their solo at home and submit to us no later than 5th September. We will then put all of the videos into a ‘concert video’ and it will be streamed online for us all to enjoy watching together. 

What will I sing: Each student has started a solo song this term with the aim to use this as your concert item. 

How to film: We will send you an information video soon with instructions. 

How do I watch the concert: This will be an ‘online’ event, and a link to the concert will be shared to you closer to the date. 



We are looking forward to a great term with our private singing students online.  Please see below important information and log in details for your singer



Fees or payment plans must be up to date before the singers first online lesson.  The teachers roles only reflect those that have paid, although we have allocated everyone a singing login code the teachers are only given the active codes for Term 3 enrolments as they happen via Term fee payments. 



Did you know we have a private Facebook group for families of singing students ?  

Please copy and paste this link into your browser and request access to the group:

Miss Eloise and Miss Taylah will be posting updates throughout the term. 



All singing students have been allocated a drop box folder which includes their class music, warm up music and lyric sheets.  Students need to have their music ready on their own device to play from their end for lessons.  We have found this works best with singing on zoom



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