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08 If Only You Would Listen
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11 If Only You Would Listen (from School
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10 Bigger Isn't Better
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3-17 Colors Of My Life (Barnum) BG
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02 Bigger Isn't Better (In the Style of
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3-07 Colors Of My Life (Barnum)
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Dear parents of our singing students,

Please join us for an informal singing concert at the ADV Studios next Tuesday 23rd March.   This is an opportunity for our singers to experience performing in front of a supportive audience.  It is an important part of building confidence and experience in our singers.   Songs will not be perfect but it gives our singers the chance for parents to express their encouragement!  It also provides an opportunity for parents to meet the singing teachers and touch base on how your singer is progressing.  We look forward to seeing you there!     Don’t forget to join the private singing students Facebook Group to keep up to date with all information! 



1 February 2021

Dear parents of our singing students

We are excited to start back with our face to face singing lessons finally! 


We look forward to an awesome year of new singing challenges, lots of new skills and songs and voice technique.    We sadly farewell Miss Eloise who as a new mother has decided to move onto new ventures with her craft business and other ventures this year.  We look forward to her popping in to fill in for emergency teaching when needed.Miss Taylah is back from Tasmania and will be teaching on Wednesdays.   And we welcome Miss Eilannan who is an experienced singing teacher and will also be running our musical theatre classes.  Miss Eilannan will be teaching on Mondays and Tuesdays this year.  An introduction from Miss Eilannin is below.


Miss Eilannin is really looking forward to teaching both singing and musical theatre at ADV and taking our singing students to new heights!. Eilannin holds a Masters Degree in Musical Theatre from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London) and has trained with Brent Street Studios (Diploma of Musical Theatre), NIDA Open (The Musical Performer Studio), Hunter Institute (Diploma of Dance) and the Australian Institute of Music (Diploma of Music - Music Theatre). Eilannin’s recent credits include Nine (StageArt), TopGun! The Musical (Salty Theatre), SOS the Australia ABBA Tribute and the Titanic Theatre Restaurant.  Eilannin features as a regular rostered performer with Westside Talent Management and is represented by Ian Nisbet Talent Management (Theatre). As well as performing, Eilannin is the Course Director of Theatre Blacks, training Musical Theatre performers up to Advanced Diploma level and has worked as a Voice Teacher for Transit Dance Origins program.




Our website information portal has a separate section for private singing students where we post all relevant information for them and additional resources and also the link to the drop box with your students class music in it. To log in to the information portal on our website the password is T12021


Private Facebook group:  We have a private singing group for Facebook where our teachers also post updates and videos. It is really helpful if all families join this group


Music for students

Attached is a link to the 2020 Drop box folder which is where our singing teachers will place your singers music for home practise.



13 Hopelessly Devoted to You (backing tr
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03 Hopelessly Devoted to You (with guide
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3-19 Come Follow The Band (Barnum) BG
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3-09 Come Follow The Band (Barnum)
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