Dear parents


It’s hard to believe we are finishing a full term of online classes at the end of this week!  We are so proud of our students and how well they have adapted to online classes, but at the same time we look forward to seeing their smiling faces back at the studio!   Please see below important information as we prepare for Term 4. 


TERM 3 ENDS this Saturday 19 September classes still taking place and marks the final day of Term 3



  • There is a two week break for school holidays. 

  • Term 4 classes commencing online again on Monday 5th October. 



  • At this stage we are not running a set holiday program for school age students as we truly feel they need a break from their screens.  Our wonderful teachers also deserve a break.  

  • We have had some students request some fun events such as another cooking event or games etc and we may run some but are still in the process of deciding. 

  • We will continue to run the 30 minute exam preparation solo lessons as not everyone has had their lesson yet.  A schedule will be sent out by the end of this week to all students involved who are still,to have their lesson. 

  • We have a special “Show us Your Talent” event running that all students are welcome to work on during the holidays with submissions due by start of Term 4 (See information below).  We can’t wait to see what they do and there will be prizes announced along with a compilation for everyone to watch! . 



Classes onsite or online?

  • Currently government information is still unclear around opening dates for Dance Studios.  We have a two potential dates we can access the studio with students present either 26th October or 23rd November and are waiting on more information from the Victorian Government.  Miss Tamara D is working closely with the government via Dance Arts Alliance on behalf of our industry on safe opening however its a very slow process! 

  • Academy of Dance Victoria will continue to run all classes online until such time that we are permitted to have students attend the studio.

  • Our onsite schedule will depend wholly on the rules and restrictions that will be placed on us - we do not yet have any indication of what those restrictions will be. We are hoping it will be the same as what was in place during our brief return at the end of term 2.  Please be assured that our stringent covid safe plans will be in place onsite again as soon as we are allowed to open.  A reminder of our Covid Safe Parent Handbook for return to dance is attached to this email. 

  • Once we are allowed back in the studio in Term 4 we will also have the option for students to see their classes from home via zoom if they cannot attend.  All 5 of our studio classrooms are set up with the ability to zoom live.  Please note once permitted, students must attend onsite classes to take part in the concert and exams. 



  • In Term 4 our online school age classes will be covering some new material to keep our students inspired while online.  Exam work and concert work will still be covered in the first half of each class with the 2nd half of every class covering real repertoire from famous ballet or musicals or contemporary companies or Hip Hop styles or video clips. With all areas being appropriate for the age group at the same time educating our dancers in the history of their dance styles.   It will mean that each class does spend some time looking at video footage of the repertoire and hearing about the history behind It before learning a section of the repertoire.   Our teachers are really looking forward to inspiring our dancers in this way! 



  • Please look at the term 4 calendar and note important dates and rehearsals that applies to ALL students in our school age classes. Our ever changing calendar is hopefully not going to see too many more changes! 


RAD Ballet Exams

  •  Our RAD Ballet exams have been scheduled to take place during the week of 7th December provided that restrictions allow at that time.

  • Holiday exam preparation classes can not take place due to the ongoing covid restrictions.   

  • A separate ballet exam update will be sent during the school holidays for all parents of students involved. 


ATOD Tap Exams

  •  Tap exams will also take place in Term 4 during the last week of November.  Further information will be sent out in the holidays



The filming of the ADV movie involving all singing students, musical theatre and industry team classes will still be taking place also in late November and December (see attached calendar for dates). 

The actual screening of the movie is likely to take place in early 2021 after editing is complete. 



  • The ADV main school concert (school age classes) will still take place at the Karylaka theatre in Ringwood on 19th and 20th December.  

  • Students have been preparing their concert work online during all of Term 3.  If your dancer will not be participating in the concert it is important you let us know no later than Monday 5th October.

  • The concert will not have a live audience.   Instead students will be filmed performing on stage in costume by a professional company who has partnered with the theatre and will then live stream the event at a later date.   

  • Students participating in the concert will need to attend the onsite classes once we are permitted to conduct them at the studio.  

  • Concert cost includes live streaming family access pass (includes link for extended family to watch in the price), and a copy of the concert to keep on usb and a program. 

  • Costume hire.  We are very conscious that families need costs as low as possible in the current environment.  For that reason we are keeping costume hire to an absolute minimum.  We are re-using as many of our current costumes that we can.  There are some cases where we have to purchase new class sets when we have no costume sets large enough for some classes.  You may find your dancer wears a costume they have worn before.   For that reason we will only be charging costume hire of $10 for costumes that are in our wardrobe and $30 for new costumes (usual prices are $25 for current and $60 for new).  



  • Term 4 invoices will be emailed out to all families at the end of this week and are due prior to the commencement of Term 4 online classes on 5th October.  

  • In Term 4 we are again attempting to offer all families a discount to acknowledge the pressure covid19 has placed on family finances, this time 10% off on their fees and invoices have been adjusted accordingly and we thank all families for supporting our small business through this difficult year. . 




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