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We hope you are all still managing in this tricky time. We love seeing the smiling faces of our students each day on the screen and we have been marvelling at how well they are learning their concert work online.



The teachers are all acutely aware that some students may be finding life more difficult than others. To give school age students from prep to year 12 the opportunity to CHOOSE to take a mid term break , all classes NEXT WEEK will not be learning any new work. Although all school age classes will still run as normal next week, they will include a little extra fun and some revision of work already learnt. 


If your dancer needs a break they are welcome to choose not to attend and all teachers will understand and students will not miss any new work. We are also aware that some students rely on having their dance classes for their social, emotional and physical well being and all classes will be running for those wanting to attend. This is ADV’s mid term initiative that we wanted to try, allowing families a choice for some time out, without being concerned that their dancer would miss important class work.


There are a couple of exceptions, VCE VET Dance must be attended by those students. Private singing and Private Dance lessons should also be attended, however if you give us more than 24 hours notice by emailing you can re-schedule a private lesson. Preschool classes continue as normal



With the move to Stage 4 Lockdown we were unable to access the dance studio premises, so it took a week for our fearless News Presenter Giselle Devant (aka Studio Manager Miss Kylie) to move her extensive wardrobe, hair styling entourage and make up van out of the ADV studio to it's new location at her house. BUT ADV NEWS is back up and running!  So please make sure you check it out to keep up to date with all the goings on at ADV.


What a roller coster year this is! but as always ADV is prepared and ready to move forward to this next new phase of dance life! After today’s announcement by the Victorian Government it is clear that we need to move back to online classes for the next 6 weeks. We had planned for this potential outcome, and although we are devastated to not see all our lovely students in the physical classroom just yet, we are still excited about finding new ways to keep improving and creating a wonderful live interactive online program for them. Please see below important information for classes over the next 6 weeks



  • Will STILL COMMENCE THIS COMING MONDA?Y 13th JULY. We are keen to keep our children & teens moving, dancing & socially connected at home once lock down has started, even though they will still be on school holidays next week, dance will still re-start.

  • Classes will all be online until the Victorian Government permits us to return to the studio with onsite classes. This means there is a NEW ONLINE TERM 3 TIMETABLE (see attached pdf file).

  • There will be all new zoom codes as we have had to re-set up all our classes and zoom accounts. These will be sent out on Sunday to all families who have paid their Term 3 fees.

  • Jazz and stretch leaps turns classes have been shortened just for online classes and will revert to normal on our return to the studio

  • As in Term 2 we have again spread out classes (especially senior and advanced level) when students were usually at the studio from 4pm - 8:30pm, for online we have instead spread their classes out over different days given that they don’t need to travel to the studio. This also affects Junior Hip Hop, Junior Musical Theatre, Intermediate Hip Hop, Intermediate Musical Theatre, Senior Hip Hop and Senior Musical Theatre, Senior Industry Team and Advanced Industry Team



  • Once we are given the go ahead to return to Classes onsite at the dance studio our timetable will revert back to the Term 3 Onsite Timetable that was sent out at the end of term 2 and which we operated under for the final week of Term 2. Term 3 fees will cover both online and onsite classes.

  • IF conditions for children’s activities are changed before the 6 weeks are up we will return classes to the studio (gov regulations allowing).



  • Discount - We understand that these are hard times for our families. To help families where we can ADV is providing a 20% discount on Term 3 fees on top of the discounts we already offer families. We hope this helps and we are doing our best to also stay afloat and keep all our staff employed as well.

  • Term 3 fees must be paid in full no later than THIS Saturday 11th July to receive your timetable with the zoom codes for accessing classes.

  • If you have already paid your term fees then our admin staff will contact you (NEXT WEEK) to organise a refund or credit of the 20% (your choice of which type you choose)



As we head back online ADV again will provide many “added extra’s” to benefit your dancer and family during this lock down time. They will include (but not limited to)

  • Further bonus content on our parent portal via our website

  • Additional opportunities for social connection for our different age groups

  • New innovations and teaching techniques for classes.

  • Innovative pre-school program, including dance, stories, craft and more



* Pre-school students will have access to all the online classes for their term fees. This time this also includes access to all Ready Set Dance and Little ballet Dancers and Acrobatics classes for the one fee

* New themed classes each week with our new studio 5 pre-school zoom room set up with fabulous and exciting sets and props (a bit like Playschool but interactive)

* Pre school students will also start to learn some of their end of year concert dances.

* Our pre-school team have a lot more fun ideas to share with you - keep an eye on our petite members Facebook group for more information



* Ballet Classes will continue to work towards both their RAD EXAMS and start their concert work for Cinderella for the December concert.

  • The RAD exams will take place in October or November this year.

  • The RAD is being very proactive and are offering teachers a lot of different exam assistance including the option to film students for exams if we are still experiencing long term absences from the studio. At this stage we still hope to have the in studio exams in November.

  • We can assure you that our ballet students will get to take their exams this year and be rewarded for all their excellent work online.

  • All Exam students will be allocated a 30 minute private lesson this term to go through their two exam solos. This schedule will be sent on Sunday or out once your Term fees are paid.

* Tap Classes will also continue to work towards their exams and will also commence their concert dances online

* The Musical Theatre classes will all continue to work towards the movie filming AND will commence their routines for the end of year Concert. They will also do some additional vocal improvement work.

* Acrobatics classes: The time we have decided to do acrobatics classes online to help re-build up all students strength. Students will be mailed a “Skills Card’ which will be used in class to help track achievement within the class structure. Online acrobatics classes will be modified to ensure students are safe.

* Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop classes will commence their end of year concert routines and continue to work on skills

* Industry team classes have been shortened to one hour online but will return to 1.5 hours in the studio. They will continue working on the Movie, their competition troupes and end of year concert work. They will also perform their troupe items in the end of year concert and we still hope to be able to participate in October competitions (and maybe September).



We continue to work towards our movie filming. The dates that we film our production are easily moveable and although we hope to still do the filming within Term 3, we can do it later if necessary. Our film crew and editing crew will work with us for the best time. Once lock down is lifted we will provide final filming dates. There are.3 days of filming involved for the movie and most students are involved in 2 of those days (some on only one). The movie involves all ADV private singing students, all Industry/Competition Teams, Senior Jazz and Advanced Jazz and all Musical Theatre classes.



We assure all our excited dancers and parents that our end of year concert will definitely take place. It may have to take place without a live audience and we have already got booked in a way to do this which involves

  • Filming the students on stage with full costumes and props as usual

  • Students would attend the stage rehearsal and filming in their level groups

  • The concert will then be streamed to families and students post filming.

  • To help provide further financial relief to families during this time, we plan to keep costume hire costs down as low as possible this year by reusing all our current costume stock



What is my class cast as ? Term 3 is alway super exciting as the ballet students get to start their story ballet choreography.

* Pre Primary Prep Ballet Mondays little orange fairies- pumpkin magic

* Pre Primary Prep Ballet Tuesdays Cinderella’s mice

* Primary Ballet Tuesdays Spring Fairies

* Grade 1 Ballet Tuesday: Prancing ponies for Cinderella

* Grade 2 Ballet Summer Fairies

* Grade 3 Ballet Step Sisters Maids

* Grade 4 Ballet Autumn Fairies

* Grade 5 Ballet Arabian Brides

* Grade 6 Ballet Spanish Brides

* Grade 7 Ballet Fairy Godmother attendants

* Advanced Ballet: Does the Shoe Fit? Desperate maidens

* Level 1 Extension: Royal Entourage

* Level 2 Extension; Royal Flower girls at Wedding

* Level 3 Extension: Stars

* Level 4 Extension: Stars

Students in All other styled classes (ie Jazz, tap etc) will have their routines in the non-story section of the concert and their class teachers will let them know what each class’s theme is.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or have further questions. The ADV office staff is currently on holidays but will be back in the office from this Friday 10th July.


Updates will continue to be posted to our private Facebook group and to our parent portal on the website


For Fee enquiries or administraiton assistance: Email Lisa Klepac at or call 9898 9899 (from Friday 10th July onwards)


To contact Tamara Davidson - Principal: Email or call 0425 353 600


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